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My thoughts on survival.

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Hi guys, i was reading some of the comments on the forum to make sure i wouldn't just repeat what others have said. I saw a lot of different and opposing opinions and because of that i think it is important to differentiate what type of player is posting each comment. You guys that already offer different game modes have the opportunity to attract a wide range of players, but i think that makes it harder to determine what the player base wants, unless you can "split" us into categories.

I came to this game looking for a FREE PVE Survival game to play with a friend. I like that you mainly charge for cosmetics and the possibility to host private servers and really enjoyed my experience in the beginning. This might be the most polished free survival game out there and that's what drove me to write this message, because i would love to see the game attract more people and do well.

Maybe as a player interested in the PVE i might not be your target demographic; but i think the survival genre differentiates from the battle-royal and plain Shooter games precisely because the players want an engaging PVE experience.

One of the things that discourages me from playing more is the fact that with a 2-day experience account i can no longer log to the PVE server. It was never my intention to do PVP and now i feel forced to it. I believe this is intended so that PVP players cant just farm in a PVE server for better weapons and then change back; but you could fix that by having separate GI for the PVP and the PVE.

I actually believe the survival experience for the PVE would be better if there was no GI at all! it kinda feels like i'm just hauling items i will never use "just in case", and there's no point, for example, in having a vaccine if you can take all your equipment to the GI and then suicide to get rid of the infection. Also, when you die you can just pick another of the 6 or 7 exact replicas of your gear that you have in storage.

Playing with my friend, every time he died i could pick up his stuff and wait for him to respawn; we would rarely loose anything important. I think that most of the equipped gear (the things we treasure the most) and also a percentage of whats in your backpack should be destroyed when killed. So that even playing with friends you feared dying. The fact that not everything is disappearing still makes it work for the PVP.

Survival folks enjoy a complex crafting system. This doesn't mean hundreds of craftable items, it is more engaging when the same item can be crafted with 2 or 3 different recipes and even more when you can deconstruct a found item into his crafting components to make something else. So far the only thing i have used the crafting system for is infinite arrows. The fact that you can craft healing items gets rendered useless by the 200 bandages you will have collected from dead zombies. I like thinking more on "what can i build with what i have right now, than to think i'm gonna get the best helmet in the game if i can just get one more piece of glue". I wanna turn small backpacks into cloth and cloth into bandages; use an empty bottle to collect water from the lake, craft a bow when i run out of bullets, etc.

The market for trading with other players is overflown with weapons that no one is gonna buy. That's because weapons are common and bullets are rare. Picking up a shotgun to use the 8 shots and then throw it for something else is the Battle-Royal mentality. Survivalists want to search and upgrade their favorite weapons, finding or crafting enough ammo and having a lot of mods to chose from. This you already did right with the scopes.

You already have the item for high and low caliber bullets and the empty clips for the weapons; make it so that when you fire all the bullets the empty clip appears in the backpack and make the reload of the mag something you can do without the work bench. By having less guns and more bullets you will increase the flow in the market, specially if items get destroyed when killed.

Most of the things i have mentioned don't mean as big changes as the one required for PVE combat. Even the most difficult battle becomes pointless when you climb a car and the Z's cant hit you or by pulling the bullet-sponge Super Zombie to the limit of his walkable area. Making an animation for the z's to climb is a lot of work. Reducing the high of the jump so that we can no longer get to unreachable places is a better quick-fix. But if the system can recognize that a player has climbed something and offer damage reduction instead of invulnerability that would add some strategy to it.

Having to carry an LMG with +100 bullets in case we ran into a Super Zombie didn't add anything to the fun. I'd rather he was stronger (kill you in two hits) and faster so you couldnt just pull him away, but knowing i could take him down with my weapon of choice with a few (5-6) head shots. I think it would add more to the gameplay in terms of coordinating with your friends, specially if two or three of this spawned in the same location.

I have some other ideas, but i mainly wanted to mention this ones that could have a greater impact with fewer modifications. Thank you for the amazing game. I hope my comments can be of more help than the ones that just say "give me more stuff in the drop crates".

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