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KiLL3r's 2v2 Cup

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Hello my fellow event junkies,

next weekend I will be doing a small 2v2 Tournament/Cup



(30. +) 31. January, between 5pm and 10pm CET(depends on the amount of teams)



Arena 7: Warehouse (check picture below)



Only 2 players are allowed in each team (make sure you have time)

People from all around the world are allowed, but remember: matches will be on EU server with netcode

Matches will be randomly drawn one day before the Tournament starts



Weapons: SMG (MP7, MP5(SD), Veresk, Uzi, Bizon, P90(s), Evo-3

Gear: Custom & KStyle

3x Riot shield each player (no other barricades, for each round)

Any medics, unlimited

Any ammo unlimited

Anything else is not allowed




Always be ready to the times above

Only players listed can play (changes until 30th January possible)

Each player can only play for 1 team (please respect that)

Teams need to join the event discord for easier communication: https://discord.com/invite/asdNUMq

Each round starts with a horn and lasts 2,5mins (150s)

The match is paused by a horn and continued by another horn

No rejoining until the round is finished

Side is getting switched after each round

Boosting with shields on the walls ins NOT allowed

Whoever is first on the server can type red/blue in the chat to pick the side (check link above (map))

 There might be a group phase first depening on the amount of teams!

Each match consists of 3 rounds (in group phase), or best of 3 in K.O. phase

Semi finals and finals will be best of 5


Wins will be decided by the following:
1. Rounds won

2. Kills

3. First kill made


Disrespecting the rules will result in an automatically round loss or an exclusion from the cup (depends on the severity of the action)

When your team is late:

5 mins tolerance, after that the match is autimatically lost


Rewards are going to be announced


Application form: (read everything else first! Apply in comments below)

Team name:

Tag (max. 5 letters): 


1. (Captain)



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Teamname: B oS / Gosu

Tag (max. 5 Buchstaben): Bo/Go


1. Rosa Tuff Tuff

2. Miraya

Kontakt: Vasco Shot # 4024

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On 1/24/2021 at 10:41 AM, KiLL3r said:

Team name: Oblock

Tag (max. 5 letters): OTF


1. (Captain) Delove2x




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Message by Kill3r:


Right now 14 teams have applied. The maximum will be limited to 16 so the tournament is going to happen on Sunday! If you havent joined the discord, please do so for better communication and further information https://discord.com/invite/asdNUMq or message me [BoS] KiLL3r#7416 In case of more teams than 16 still applying till tomorrow (when the application will be closed) those teams need to wait and see whether the previous 16 are able to play and move up from the list.


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