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Ok I mean the guns are useable now and this I can deal with and  obviously everyone has their own opinions and im not forcing mine on anybody. But what about the med macros and rapid fire. Ive posted about this a thousand times and I never get a response. Why is med macro considered not an advantage? Almost every other version of this game it was not allowed it seriously ruins the pvp. Maybe against one person it doesnt make too much of a difference but against multiple people with it its ridiculous. They have it timed perfectly and it ruins them having to med and saves their lives all the time. They should have to med like the 5% of us players who refuse to use med macro and rapid fire. I dont care if most people can get the macros on their mouse it was a ban offense in most of the other versions of infestation for a reason.  

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9 hours ago, GregMR said:

Why is med macro considered not an advantage? 

Was considered time a go, but they change the rules because a lot off people like to use this macro. 

They can't block macro, but they can put a "time to use" in meds or riots. If you have macro don't make diference if you need to wait 1 or 2 seconds to get some efect. Also, maybe the macro makes the use a problem because if the macro are used you need to wait.

For me the med must to be use even if you have a full healt.

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3 hours ago, TheWraith said:

Do you know how many players gonna leave the game if this happen???🤣Maybe 80-85% of them....The game already goesto bottom so...you understand....

They already do this. Med and riot macro don't make anyone banned. Even the shot macro don't get ban anymore. See the Vlasik player don't get banned permantly and he make a video with macro tutorial .

This 80-85% of player already leave the game.

See this guy?

Have 5 day ban and he are on stream now.

"Do you know how many players gonna leave the game if this happen???"
Yea, I know.


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On 12/17/2020 at 8:49 AM, Silenterror said:

Well, I was not in charge of the overgrown "few years ago". I was able to do it.
The wipe of the previous Survival game mode happened because to make it fair at the start for everyone. Items are just pixels in a free to play game. I understand you invest time of looting and trading them but overall,  a fresh restart is always nice especially you have somethign to do again.

We are testing guns together with the Beta tester and decide the changes compared to their feedback and yes, they are PVP players since spread or recoil does not matter in PVE.
Right now the guns are pretty much balanced in any way, maybe 1-2 guns still need some adjustments but overall it's alright and yes, you need to use attachments and also have to move your mouse while shooting.

lol thats why i never play =) GG

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