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New species - Zombie Dogs

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Hey survivors,
Since Patch 3.7 we have added a new species called Zombie Dog. These dogs are only findable on the secret spots on all official servers.
They are moving and attacking as a herd and it's pretty hard to defend against them.
Have you met them already? If so, what were your first thoughts?
Let us know in the comment below! 🐶

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It is a nice addition. Nice to see new zombies of some sort. I was going to a secret spot and was unaware of the dogs. I heard some sort of growling noise and gave it no mind. I then found that after I had killed the zombie that was attacking me I was still getting hit by 'something'. I looked down to find a zombie dog. I made a mental note of this and continued on my looting. I have discovered that based on several encounters,  they are nothing more than an annoyance for players with some skills. They are fast, and that seems to be their only advantage. They can be killed far too easily. It takes two hits on a zombie with a M9 Bayonet to kill them, but it only take one hit on the zombie dogs to kill them. They need a better pack mentality; possibly make one dog howl alerting ALL the other dogs when it sees a player. Give them more of a jump (you can get on a desk in the secret spot and not get bitten). You can also out run them and turn a corner quickly they loose their sense of where you went. They should be able to track you. 

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These dogs are a great addition. I didnt know they were in-game and was travelling through near CastlePine and seen a few in the distance. I shot at them after a few minutes of study and heart-pounding worry. They went done in two shots. I was glad, still I passed the rest of that town through the woods. I will return with a shot gun. 

Gave a good scare. I havent been up close with the dogs yet. I like the above suggestion (howl, jumping - but not to reach at any place ie. humvee, crates, fences, etc.). I will like to get to know these dogs before they turn aggressive. I need to outrun these things. I dont need a pack of dogs on me, unless I call for it. 

There needs to remain towns that are only regular zombies. I wont survive otherwise. 

       Off Topic

I like the user Marketplace. I hadnt played in a year, and return to this madness. Its great, good job.

Yard Containment needs to remain locked, those SuperZ's in there are creeping past the barricade (devs, pls fix).. Im gonna drop dead if I cant have the upper hand in there!!

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