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Looking for small group for Official Server PvP. (EU BASED)

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What's up everyone.

The time has finally come that all my friends stopped playing this game, or atleast for very little time.

I used to roll with a group of 3-4 Dutch guys but they just couldn't play this game anymore because it got boring to them.


I wanted to continue playing but playing vs clans all the time just get's old very fast.

Usually it just costs loot since you might kill 2-3 guys from the clan but you always end up dead because there are just too many people grouped up.


Anyway, I'm looking for a small group of people to play with. A group of 3-4 people total is perfect for me and works best in terms of communication etc.

As there are almost no Dutch people in-game left I'm looking for an English speaking group.


Some info about me:


Rep: -72k

K/D: 2.11 atm

Full skilltree

Full GI. (2k snipers, 5k AR, 1k + heavy, loads of ammo and 95M game dollars)  Enough to keep going and going in PvP.

I usually play a few evenings a week + during day in weekends (if I'm in the mood to play this game).

My REP is kind of low (I played NewZ since november 2015) because I ONLY played on official servers so far. No fast REP was gained on PvP servers.


I would prefer a group of people that actually know how to play as well.

I'm not really looking to join a gaming community/ big clan or something. Just a group of people to play NewZ with whenever I get on to play it.



If anyone is interested in playing with me, shoot me a PM on here.


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Yeah thanks for the invitation. Might check on later this week.

But really I was just looking for a small group of players that just wanted 1 guy extra to roll with it.

You lot sound more like a clan.

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