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Loot: air drops to rare rooms

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me_thinks loot needs reworked. here are suggestions from air drops to rare locked rooms.

players should know what they are going for. random loot like kstyle, uzi, etc is not good for morale.

these simple loot items can be found rotting in ditches..

low to high on loot value

air drops, heLi crash, super zombie, common room, alien super, radiation super, slicer, rare room.


Air Drops: set loot logical, air drop should contain a med kit, mre, c01/c04 and random heavy machine gun <or mil/alice backpack

air drop should disappear after looted if player takes all from inside. (or he can leave one object inside and wait to ambush)


HeLi Crashes: metal gear, tec, ar/sniper/stock/barrel and random weapon. (random weapon good ars such as blue scar, m4, ak's)<or mil/alice backpack

like air drops disappear after looting, no items should respawn. (no camping on crash waiting on loot to respawn) But player can choose to leave item in crash to ambush others)


Super Zombie: ar/sniper/stock/barrel, 100 round mag, common key, antibiotics.

Common Rooms: ar/sniper/stock/barrel, antibiotics, mil/alice backpack, semi rare ar. (semi rare ars = red scar, m4a1, honey badger)

Alien Super: heavy helmet/heavy armor piece, 200 rounds ammo, common key, bandage dx. +super zombie head

Radiation Super: Swat Armor, 300 rounds ammo, rare key, bandage dx. +super zombie head

Slicer: heavy helmet/heavy armor piece, 400 rounds ammo, rare key, bandage dx.

Rare Room: juggernaut armor piece, bandage dx, small chance of sniper but guaranteed rare AR (L85, ak15, scarH, vss compact) *note L85 needs a buff and come stock with compact scope and fwd grip*

would be good idea for sniper only spawns if server has 15-20+ players..


*note locked rooms need fixed, no looting from outside, no camping inside waiting on loot to respawn.

the door should remain open until player leaves (no closed door and switch inside to reopen)

 when player leaves room/area door closes. (should not close until he is far enough away that can not run to jump back into room)

once door closes/player is away, then loot respawn approx 15 minutes /full spawn.


snipers need to be rare no more laying in heli crashes.

best ar's need to be more rare, only spawning in the locked rooms.

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loot all over maps needs reworked as well.

needs to be more logical.

gas and repairs should be found at garages.

civ nvg, nails, rope, medium packs etc should be in most all houses. (smg's & pistols)

give loot spawns more thought, going from small scattered houses, road blocks up to largest cities and military bases.


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the heli crash loot still needs work.

when crash all loot should be spawned just like in air drop.

no respawning of items<

i see players on pve servers sit on heli crashes for hours just getting loot as it respawns.

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