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Something about survival

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It's nice to see the work on the survival mode going on. Not on a large scale, but still something is moving forward. But it seems to me that it's time to pay attention to the real aspects of survival.

I already wrote a lot of things many months ago, but the developers did not pay attention. Maybe they paid, but decided not to answer.

I hope you pay attention to this, because very often I didn’t get anything in return

First I’ll write not so important things, and then I will continue.

Less important things:

  • More realistic ghillie suit. Because right now it doesn't look quite good.
  • Fix butterfly knife animation. The knife is spinning very oddly in the hand
  • Clean sweep half the blade disappears when you play in the first person and aim
  • Remove melee from the leg! Someone answered me a long time ago that he would work with this, but nothing was done. It just doesn’t look beautiful, especially when there is an axe or other long objects on the leg.
  • Try to fix the hair does not stick out from under the helmet
  • Make time in the game a little longer
  • Better lighting, similar to Warz.More darker and creepier
  • More realistic forests (bushes, small trees,etc.) to better hide 

Now more important:

  • Maybe it’s worth a little change in the display of a crashed  helicopter on a mini map? For example, do not show exactly the point where it fell, but the area? Within 500 meters or a couple of kilometers? So that players would have to not only fight with other players for loot but also look for a helicopter
  • Reduce loot at military bases in Colorado V1. Too many weapons and everything else. It’s impossible to even pick up everything. A lot of loot is scattered next to each other. Searching for loot in this way is not interesting when you take a couple of steps and find 3 guns. Someone will say that this is very good. But the survival mode should not have a huge number of spawn weapons. There was not much loot in the old infestation at the same Airport. I want to search for Loot, not just pick everything up. The amount of loot should be much less. In the old game, I could go through all the tents and find only 1 or 2 m16, sometimes I was lucky and I found Mauser. How happy I was then... But now I loot the same tents and find 10 different guns.
  • You can try adding the ability to drop your backpack with all the loot. So that the character can run faster or in order not to lose all the loot when you run to kill someone. This backpack should not disappear from the map for a long time so that the player can be able to pick it up. Also, other players can pick up this backpack
  • You can add extra pockets. They can be on body armor or separate vests with pockets.
  • You can try to work on new models of weapons. For example (m4, ak, fn scar) and new types of pistols.
  • It would also be possible to make a light sniper rifle for survival mode. Which will not be very rare. It will have an optical sight and will kill with one shot a player without armor. But if with armor, then with two or even three shots. Depending on the quality of armor.
  • Super zombies should have more hp. Because the player finds a lot of weapons and kills him. Then he gets more weapons and can kill the second
  • It seems to me that night vision should be rare. Nights should be dark and dangerous, but everyone has NVG. I don’t know what to do with this. Maybe You can remove all the NVG's from the players inventory, except  K. style, because they are rare. Players will not use these helmets so often. This is just my opinion.
  • Many items from the open world must spawn on survival too.
  • It is worth adding more screaming and running zombies. I saw these on Colorado V2, but they walk slowly on the rest of the maps.
  • Less melee and ammo spawn. But more spawn of individual bullets.More meaning in crafting. Or let axes, hatchets and other good melee things spawn less
  • Less spawn armor like MTV and IBA. They are very common

That's all for now. Thanks.

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lots of great ideas.

i disagree about more individual bullet spawns. this has only made a horrid mess of my gi.*

(*and yes i clean my gi very often)

also i do not like spawned guns having low ammo, it's just more time spent in safe zone fixing inventory.

i enjoy playing game, i do not enjoy clicking mags and fixing guns. is enough to fix clips you use without game mechanics adding more to fix.



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