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foul speech, insult, racism, xenophobia

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here are several times various insults. racist and xenophobic remarks coming from certain person fuse every day and this intolerable. there is fed up with this characters who undermines the games.
you have to take the necessary sanctions.
otherwise I would be obliged to file a complaint against this player on loan from the European Union via an American lawyer cabin. to make things happen. Up to you.
the ball is in your camp.



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Report them ingame, the devs working on it that way faster than they do via the Forum.

If you Report These Players ingame, the devs will get all the Infos they Need. All you did rn is just taking a Screenshot, with no time, or knowledge if it is even the real Player.

So you better off reporting them ingame. They will be punished. But posting screenshot of many names is kinda hard for the devs to Figur out who that is.

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