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New Missons


Hey Survivors,


I was kinda thinking about the Missions and rewards in Survival. You can obtain Survival Mission via the Survival Mission Case that the Superzombie Drops and I really think we Need a new Survival Mission Case.


It will be a different Case, so we can still obtain the old Mission Case, but the new one will be market as #2 or 2.0.


Here are some Ideas:



Kill 3 Players. Reward: 2 Stanag 30 and 500 XP

Kill 10 Players. Reward: 1 Stanag C-Mag, Imi Tar and 2000 XP

Kill 100 Players. Reward 5 Stanag C-Mags, (New Items, maybe a new Gun only obtainable via that Contract) and 15000 XP



Kill 20 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: 500 XP

Kill 100 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: 2500 XP

Kill 420 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: (New Meele-Weapon, For example boxing gloves they do 25 damage on Player and 50 on Zombies)



Kill 1 Player with a Granade. Reward: 3 Bada Booms and 500 XP

Kill 5 Players with Granades. Reward: 5 Bada Booms, 5 Frag. Granades and 2500 XP

Kill 10 Players with Granades. Reward: (New MTV/IBA Skin with a Nade coloured design) + 5000 XP



Collect 1000$. Reward: 500 XP

Collect 10000$. Reward: 2500 XP

Collect 100000$ Reward: 5000 XP + (New item= Cash glasses)



Visit all Citys on the Colorado Map. Reward: 5 Granola Bars, 5 Water, and a new Item mayke like a Explorer Hat) + 1337 XP


These are my Ideas, there Mission will take up Time but they will be rewarded! In my opinion good stuff! :D

I hope you will make new Missions to Survival, I mean that would be amazing!!!


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Added Cash Missions

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