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Shortcoming of survival mode.

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Hello, at first i have to sorry about my grammar problems.

It's a lot to say about it. Let's start with sounds. You updated graphics (thanks it's a lot better now) but sound is the thing that dissapoint me. Add new sounds when hitting a rock, wood, street while hitting with metal things etc. 

Hitting zombies, taking weapons to the hand is just weird. Hit does not land where it should be. When you choose a weapon it just appear in your hand there is no model of taking a weapon from the side or something. There is only one hit for each weapon but it's not a problem so you sould focus on these other things. Also make hitting with weapon slowing you for a bit.

Running, is a thing that disturb me so much. There should be less stamina but running would be faster. It is even pain to the eyes where you run but see that you move like 1.5-2x faster than walking.

Zombie spawns, they usually make no sense. I was looking and counting zombies. There is a car crash (6 cars 1 truck total) and there was 25 zombies! This make no sense. Also make zombie spawns in the buildings also more frequency so people actually take more care so they don't get jumpscare. (this game does sometimes this to me and i think it's cool)

Zombie models, please make more models of zombies. don't improve them they are okay but make them more. It's sad when from 7 zombies there are 4 geminies. 

Zombie as an enemy, they are not challenging at all. Make them a little bit faster (the ones that are sprinting would be faster than you while you are running). You can even remove stun if hit in the body. Leave stun while hitting a head. Make more 'zombie skills' they are running okay but add zombies (megas too)(depend on zombie model) that deal more dmg and has more health but is slower  and reverse it (faster, lower hp, less dmg). Depend on place there will be more or less of them. (In Unturned there are crawlers, sprinters and normal zombies (let's leave elements) i'm not saying that you need this the same as there but you can inspire) it would be a very cool thing making survival harder and easier depend on your knowledge and tactic that you will take. 

Loot spawns, oh my god. It is so stupid. it makes 0 sense. Gun powder, sand etc is okay but i mean items like weapons, vaccines etc. Why am i finding canoe paddle in the fire station bed? Does everyone have gun like m4 semi or mosin in their home? i understand p911 etc but other than this isn't realistic. It is not a lot of work (i don't know how your map editor works but for the amount of buildings etc i think it's like 20-30 hours of work (Caliwood)) Just give loot spawns some sense. Make more buildings (like let's say gardener) where you can find shears etc.

Buildings, make them more. There are only few and they have all the items ^. Make more types of shop, gas station, and also add some new types of buildings like gardener^, hairdressers salon, some restaurants, cafe, bank etc.

Base, im not sure about this thing especially in this stage where bombs are useless because you can destroy it with weapon like brotherhood. The way how they look is cool but seems like rust from 2014. You can upgrade it but there are other games that have this 'thing' and in NewZ you can't make it better. Leave this. BUT VVV

Materials, Crafting, you can save base building by adding furniture  like tables, chairs so you can make your base look pretty and enjoyable to be there. I will this one for your imagination.
A lot of materials have no use in our gameplay especially for new players. Make more crafts that will improve our gameplay experience. 

Let normal people edit your game (some kind of workshop on steam)


I hope You will like at least one of my suggestion and it will appear in the game. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i would like to know how your map editor looks like.
I wrote a lot of critic but games is good and need only improvements! I still enjoy playing this even if i see some shortcomings.

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"Zombie spawns, they usually make no sense. I was looking and counting zombies. There is a car crash (6 cars 1 truck total) and there was 25 zombies! This make no sense"

It does make sence. I mean there could be 4 People in each car and 1 in the truck. or People randomly came by to loot the area and died while looting or the Zombies came in a Horde like TWD.


You also said that it makes no sence that People have a m4 or a mosin in their house. My dude These maps are based on America, you can have every gun in ur home. In my opinion you should even find more snipers and ar's.


They already improve the game, slowly but surely! :D

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