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[GØML] Get On My Level is now recruiting members!

We are a brand-new clan created by a group of high ranked players who just like to have enjoy the game.

Furthermore, our clan consists of members from the EU and NA whom all speak fluent English.

With that being said, we mainly play on PvP servers like RockyFord, Spring Valley and West Oaks.

No matter if you are from the EU or NA you will always have someone to play with.



╔ Minimum of -100.000 or +50.000 Reputation

╠ Working Microphone & Decent Communication Skills

╠ Be active in the clan or you will be kicked

╠ Be atleast 16 years old

╠ English Speaking

╚ Located in the EU or NA



╔ Private discord server for the clan

╠ Private in-game server for the clan

╠ Active players whom are online regularly

╚ A laid back environment to play in


Do you meet the requirements and are you interested in joining our clan?

You can get in contact with me here on the forum or on discrord with @Lil Coco or @Ollie31 for an application from, we hope to hear from you soon!


-[GØML] Get On My Level

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9 hours ago, RelaxX said:

hey hows it going? Wondering if i could join by chance? i have been playing since the war z and wanna get back into the game!


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