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Sorry,if my English is bad.

Players have long asked for a normal survival mode, but it's just a deathmatch,which is very boring now.

You've all heard all this for a long time, but what if you make the second survival mode? It doesn’t even require a lot of effort and time.In order not to make wipes and not offend players, you can divide survival into two types.Those players who did not want a wipe, as well as those who wanted survival in the game, will be glad.

There is a possibility that this will not help the game, but you can try.I’ll try to explain what could be in this mode.

First you need only one map.Oregon or Colorado.So that players can not go to other maps and change their location

We need a balance of rare and not rare loot. In order for the game to have a fear of losing something valuable.Loot must have a balanced price.Also, the balance of the spawn of the loot. So that each point has its own loot. The military base has a military loot, cities have civilian loot e.t.c.

Regarding the amount of loot..

You can add more spawn items for crafting, but much less whole items.Don't add rifles, armor and other loot to every corner.Krugers, mosin, pistols or crossbows can spawn more.All weapons shouldn't be rare, but should not spawn often too. The biggest problem will be ammo.

Also make  rifle clips less often (stanags, clips for AK and for other assault rifles)

But you need to make more spawn ammo individually.We have it now, but it is pointless in the current mode.

Another problem is thirst and hunger.

Food will be less than now. Therefore, you can make trees in the forests where fruits grow. They will not always be fresh and edible. Therefore, poisoning is possible and you need to look for pills.

The nights will be dark and night vision will be rare so that not all players have an advantage. Because if it is rare, players will be afraid to wear them always. They will not want to lose.Therefore, players will think about using flashlights; everyone will think about whether the player wants to be visible in the dark.

I suggest adding a new night vision scope.

Also a drop from a zombie. Remove medicines. Add money. But ... I do not want to offer a store. A separate currency for survival, with which the player will be able to buy something from other players.Now this is being done with the help of an open world, but maybe this is a good idea. I don’t know.

Okay, let's talk about zombies. Either do nothing with them or make them fewer, but make them more dangerous.What I mean? They can be faster, but they can make a little less damage.But they must hear and see the player much better than now.If the player shoots, zombies will hear it very well and will run to the sound.Honestly, I don’t like super zombies. They confuse new players. Perhaps in this mode you can completely delete him. Since they are most often at military bases, you can simply add more zombies and make them stronger in these locations.Make the zombies more aggressive at night. I talked about this a long time ago. Make their eyes red at this time. Also, you answered something about this, but I don’t remember. Make the distance of the zombies longer. I mean, so that they can follow you longer than now. Also at night, they can be much quieter and approach the player silently.

Make permanent anomaly zones in some places on the map that never disappear.In these areas, there will always be strange and frightening sounds, screams. Mutated zombies. If you get into this zone, glitches and hallucinations begin. For example, you can see zombies that are actually not there, hear shots that were not there either  de facto. Many things will not be real. I believe that such a place would scare every player.For example,on Colorado, these places can be found in Glenwood Springs, Fallsdale and Crystal Lake Resort.

Add body temperature. The weather in the game is always good, but the temperature may decrease at night.Also, after the player has been in the water, the body temperature will decrease. If there are snowy areas on the map, for example, on Colorado 1, the temperature will gradually decrease.You need a bonfire to keep warm.

Make the nature of the game more lively. More sounds to distract the player. For example, breaking branches under your feet, birds singing or falling cones from a tree. Frequent silence is very annoying.

Forests should be more real. More bushes or broken logs and rocks,but not large.

The construction of the base can not be deleted. But restrictions are needed so that players do not build huge towers. For example, a maximum of two floors. You can put a 4 numbers code lock on the door of the base. So that each player can guess the code. We need generators to make lighting at our base. Also make safes with a code of numbers .To make players afraid to leave their safes in visible places.

There can also be boxes without codes hidden anywhere. They are needed if the player cannot afford a safe with a combination lock. These boxes are very easy to craft and can be opened by any player.

Cars should be rare. And often can be broken either without gas. Therefore, you need a tool box and gas. If the car stands still for a long time, it should not disappear. The new car on the map should spawn when one of them explodes, etc.

Add the opportunity to look into the backpack of another person, if he stands still.And also an opportunity to bind another player. If he was left to die, then you can make it possible to commit suicide.

Barricade time should be increased. In the old ISS barricades could stand for days.

Add character slowdown if the backpack is very heavy or if a heavy rifle is in his hands.

There is an idea to add damage to your armor and helmets and decrease efficiency if you were shot.

There should also be a variety of helmets in the game. There should be all the helmets that are in the open world. The same thing with guns.

That's all I wanted to say for now. Maybe you will reconsider something and come up with.

Thank you for your attention.


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