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Okay so lets just say it how it is, the pvp in open world is absolutely horrible. I don't play the other game modes so I can't speak for those but my god something needs to change in open world. The pvp is just downright horrible. I mean its not even pvp anymore, just a bunch of giant clans who roam together with snipers and camp spawns. CAMP SPAWNS. Like it literally makes the game unplayable, and it doesn't even matter if you try to spawn in with a sniper to combat them. Cause youll just get killed by them spawning further back than just recamping your spawn. 


-Obviously everyones emotionally attached to there snipers so no wipe is a option or anything cause everyone has 800000 snipers anyway so hurting spawns wont even help

-Everyones attached to there riot shield spamming and everyone has 90000 of those so nothing really can change there... I mean maybe a timer would be nice? Just an idea


I mean what im getting too is no, its not that im skilless, I have plenty of kills. I've played since the old warZ beta, I know how the game functions. But my god u clan people and admins need to put yourself in these solo/casual players shoes I mean the game is literally unplayable pvp wise. I only play cause this game cause its always had a special place in my heart and im only writing this cause id like to see the game prosper. 

The game is dying or is pretty dead. I'm on very often at a lot of different times, at peak I see maybe 2 servers with 40+ if that, and everything else got like 1-5 players. Like back in the old days every server used to have like 25+ people. And this game is on freaking steam it can very well get to that again but this open world needs changes. A majority who play or are new come to play open world. Its the selling point of the game and one of the most crucial parts of open world is handicapped.

Pvp should be like how it is when you load up the main website, clans holding down towns, roaming squads, fun pvp interactions, not giant clans spawn camping each other till one clan gives up while solo players and causuals get caught in the middle of it and keep getting SPAWN killed. Its ridiculous. You shouldn't have to be forced to join a group or clan and have 9 million snipers to spawn in with constantly to combat the spawn campers constantly when the game is so much more than that. Pvp is absolutely broken and needs changes. Plenty of people agree in chat hence why I even decided to write this up plus I'd love to see the game prosper with big player numbers cause I know it has the potential. Gets plenty of love and work from the admins and mods, just needs some crucial changes. 

And its a f2p game, you want more money from people? Fix up the game and make it fun and playable and you will attract more players which means more potential customers instead of the steady to declining core playerbase. 

Someone needs to speak up about this.


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