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Why so hostile?

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Just wondering, I asked a simple question about why a thread that had an open conversation got closed. I was met with way too much hostility. Players and those that post in these forums get chided for being rude. Why does that same principle not apply to Infestation staff? It should be up to the person that created the thread as to when it should be closed. I still want an answer to what my post was about. Why are there so few zombies in event locations? I am not the only one wondering that very thing. @Sven, I was trying to point out the discrepancy between a regular site and an event site. I would still like to hear from you on that subject.

As a side note, I believe an apology from the staff for the rude posting directed at me is warranted. There was no call for it. I have made rude comments in the past, but I always came back after calming down and made my apologies to the person I was speaking to. Seems like there's a double standard. I also believe that when a thread is closed, a closing statement as to why should be included at the end of the thread. Suddenly closing a thread without an explanation is tantamount to slamming a door in someone's face. It is totally unnecessary. You, the devs and staff, don't like it when it happens to you. Why do you think it is acceptable to do it to the community?

I am expressing my thoughts and feelings here. I do not speak for anyone else. However, if any of you agree with what I have said, please make your feelings known.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is very much appreciated.

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SO @Steve Tells us take comments over to the "feedback" section... IE their version of " File 13".  Basically the place were comments go to be ignored  @CampersRUs. History has shown us the "value" of the feedback they receive from us.  Now you see why we aren't back here much?? Why bother? Im playing a little bit now but if it keeps going the way it has... I will return to other priorities. 

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