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Groups in BR

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On 12/4/2019 at 9:47 PM, JKS said:

Make groups in BR with no limit off players. No one is punished in the game for doing this. I send a proof of group to support  but the guy in support don't ban or make nothing. In another proof the guys are in group and get one warning. The game rules are cleare. Unfortunely no ones folow the rules, the players in group and the devs. So the best thing to do is to release the number of players per group and change the rules of the game. So no one has to worry about anything and the game loses another chance to improve, as always.

BR player in group. - [Other] #116236

Ps: Also, they banned me on discord. To punish outraged players with players breaking the rules, the ban is quick, but players who are breaking the rules are not.

We do punish players which are breaking the rules. We do not punish them like you want us to do so. And also the most of the reports, also videos, are not to 100% clear.

Example someone reports a group of 3 with video to us, where we don't see any playername or any proof, that these people actually played together.

The rule will not get changed.


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3 hours ago, JKS said:

Should be to improve the competitiveness of the game. Permanent bans are useless. If players are not using cheating the permanent ban are not required. But a temporary ban and demonstrating to the community  the player "xxxxxx " has been punished (I no longer see the baned players on  twitter, if you have the correct link send me) would be very interesting. Removing items, skills, or even GD seems to me much wiser than banning the player from the game.

We had this feature on twitter but we disabled it for performance reasons.

3 hours ago, JKS said:

13.  Playing with a bigger group than TWO in Battle Royale WILL result in a temporary ban first, then removal of ALL your Battle Royale victories and it will escalate to a permanent ban if it happens again.

How many player get banned permanent? For me is not a solution, but delete the BR victories and get the GD back or simple dele all GD makes more sense to no loss players, but educate than.

I mean as far as I can remember we never banned someone permanetly for playing in bigger groups. They get punished by time bans starting with like 3 hours, next time 5 hours, etc.
I agree on the "removing wins" rule and I will discuss that with the team but I think we can do it like after the 2nd or 3rd time and that will scare everyone then. Good point!

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