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Regional Supercups 2020

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Dear Players, 

We are here to announce a new format for the tournaments! We will try to keep this as simple and direct as possible. 

In the latest Supercup, which was great from top to bottom, we did have a major issue, which was the connection to servers for players. This time we will do it differently. We will have regional cups again, but they will happen on the same period. 

I am putting together a team to help with this, including streamers and Youtubers to help out with this so the matches will not be exclusively on my stream!

Some basic rules from previous editions will return. Some other things will be reinforced and mandatory and not as flexible as previously.



  • The matches will be 5v5 and every team can have up to 12 players signed up. This will a PERMANENT roster, which cannot be changed. 
  • Every team should use the clan tag applied as during ALL the matches, no exceptions. 
  • Character names must remain the same on every match, otherwise players will be counted as different ones (on the kill count and roster limit)
  • Players cannot play on different teams, not even on a different cup. 
  • Teams will only be allowed to play on their own region. No exceptions. 
  • Players cannot share their accounts so other players can play in their place. They have to be unique players. 
  • Players must be from or live in the region. For example...
    • A North American player living in the UK may play for either a team from PANAM or EU. Not both.
    • A player who is French and lives in China can play for either a European team or Asian team. Not both. 
    • If we feel it's needed, we may ask for proof of nationality/residence. 
  • If a team breaks these rules, they will be heavily punished. 




  • Matches will happen both on week days in the evening and weekends, afternoon and evening. Other parts of the days will be treated as exceptions and will only be done when necessary. 
  • Match times will always be:
    • Monday - Friday: 6PM - 11PM
    • Saturday - Sunday: 1PM - 10PM
  • Teams do not necessarily need to be available on all those dates and times, but they must be available AT LEAST on two of them during the week and at least one weekend day for a period of 5 hours. 




4 ARs + 1 Sniper OR 5 ARs per team

Armor: Custom Guerilla + K. Style Helmet/NVG - All team members MUST use the same skin (you can use the Team A/B if you don't have any matching ones)


Medication: Only Bandages DX are allowed. No amount limit.


Shields: 5 Riot Shields per player


AR Players: Stanag 30 Only - Only Imi-Tar-21, Sig Sauer 556, Steyr AUG, Scar CQC. No second hand weapon. All attachments except Flashlights are allowed

STANAG Mag.pngSTANAG Mag.png70px-IMI_TAR-21.png?version=e3d6231da27070px-Sig_Sauer_556.png?version=3e2ccc9b070px-Steyr_AUG.png?version=ebdb885959be570px-FN_Scar_CQC.png?version=7edf3580ffcSTANAG Mag.pngSTANAG Mag.png

Sniper Players: One Sniper (SVD, Blaser or Mauser SP66) and one backup pistol (except for TEC-9). No extended mags on the pistol




  • VOIP is only to be used to communicate with the officials. Do not use VOIP to talk to the opponents for any reason. 
  • Same goes for [GLOBAL] chat. 
  • Pause:
    • Pause must be requested by VOIP. 
    • Pauses may only occur due to crashes/disconnects and only once per player.
    • If a player is disconnected or crashes more than once, they will not be allowed back in.
    • Only 2 pauses per match per team.




MAP: Tournament Map (The matches will happen in the TOURNAMENT MAP. There will be TWO available servers, under PvP Servers in each Region)
SYSTEM: 3-Round matches during the Group Stage (if there is one) and first elimination rounds. Semi-finals and finals will be Best of 7
TOURNAMENT SYSTEM: Group Stage then Elimination Rounds
WHEN IT STARTS: To be announced!


  • You have to make sure that your internet is stable. The biggest problem in this case is not the ping but the "Packet loss". When a player has Packet loss, his internet is very unstable and it makes him lag ingame. If we see that one of your players is lagging during the match then you will have two possibilities:
    • The match will be paused and the player kicked and you can replace him with another one, within the time limit. After the new player joins, he will moved to the location the lagging player was and the match will resume.   
    • You will be able to finish the match with 4 players. Regardless of anything, if your player is lagging, you will have to deal with the consequences. 
  • Teams will not be allowed to use players that were signed up as a reserve for another team, even if they haven't played.  
  • Every complaint about a match will be assigned to Chupacabra through one of the regional assistants. You will have to present your case thoroughly. 
  • In order to organize the tournament as best as possible, every team have to make sure they can also play during the week (around night time). Teams that help us to organize matches during the week days will be rewarded.

General Rules:

  • 5 minutes limit per match. The winner is the team with the most players alive OR the team that kills the entire enemy team.
    • In group stages, there is no need for a clear winner. If the match ends in a draw, it ends in a draw. 
    • On knockout stages a clear winner must be had. If a match ends in a draw, this is the order of statistics to get the victory. 
      • First round winner qualifies if it's a draw;
      • If all three/five rounds ended in a draw, the first team that got a kill will qualify;
      • If there were no kills, the first team that deals more than 50% damage qualifies;
      • If it's still a draw after that, we will evaluate each team's campaign (wins and kills/deaths) and will nominate a winner based on that. 
  • No Roof access. (tents, trucks, buses or any other small building.) The small cars, ambulances, vans, crates, pallets and concrete pillars are ALLOWED.
  • No grenades.
  • If you die, you are not allowed to join back the server till the round is over.
  • You cannot boost yourself with shields over a fence or on top of any object.
  • If another player crashes, then we will pause the match with an Air Horn. No one can move, and the player that crashed has exactly 5 mins to join back. The match continues after the player is back (Air Horn). If the player crashes and comes back with more items than they had before, his team automatically loses the round.
  • The match starts when both teams are ready. The match officially starts after the Air Horn.
  • Tolerance of 10 minutes of delay. 


Breaking any of the rules will result in punishment for the team, evaluated by level of severity. 

  • Severity 1 will result in "pause and go back" punishment. For example, jumping over a shield to get over a wall but with no shots or kills. 
  • Severity 2 will result in a player kick. That player will not be allowed to return until the next round starts. 
  • Severity 3 will result in a round win for the opposing team. 
  • Severity 4 will result in a match win for the opposing team (always 3-0).
  • Severity 5 will result in removal from the Cup. No replacements will be had. 




ao6Qecr.png d8aSqar.png Gw8ydCA.png
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Nice nice nice. please save the matches this time and load them up somewhere. I feel like Supercup 2019 was more than ignored.

and maybe different rewards than a spray.

Oh and that rule doesnt work: 2 grenades each player vs. no grenades

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