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Patch 2.38

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On 10/1/2019 at 7:33 AM, Sven said:


Dear Community,


It's once again time for another update. This time we have a HUGE patch including the account level system & prestiges with level borders, a season pass system, for Survival (finally) the resource gather system, a lot of quality of life improvements and further more a lot of new content!

We would like to thank all of you for your patience and we hope you all like this brand new update.


Let's jump straight into it!


Overall Updates:


  • Skins in the skin menu are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Separated double XP and double GD functions per game-mode. This allows us to do double XP and or double GD events separately per game-mode(s). (Yes we know Survival doesn't have GD but you get the point)


  • Fixed an issue related to the hospital building where players could shoot through a gap in one of the staircases. We have now removed the elevator shaft from that particular staircase. Example of the original issue: https://prnt.sc/p49vi


  • Players can no longer contest clan points when they're dead.
  • Fixed a bug related to the clan point perk that decreases the revive timer where the revive system would bug out when applied.
  • Clan territory points no longer count on the leaderboards from servers that are disabled.


  • Added an indicator to the "view content" menu when viewing content of a skinbox/box that indicates which skins/items are new.
  • Players are now able to buy characters and character clothes (parts) directly from the character selection screen. This means that character clothes no longer show in the in-game marketplace. It was very confusing for players to buy a particular character cloth as they'd have to find it in the huge list in the marketplace. Now you can just browse through characters and clothes and if you want to buy a certain clothing you can do that directly for GC/GD.
  • Crafting resource quantities in the crafting menu are now easier to see / more visible.

The brand new account level system is finished and will be released in this patch. This system allows any player to have an account level, grind and level up. It's completely account based so experience can be gained by playing any game-mode. With this we have introduced a new value called "Account Experience" which is the global experience amount for an account. Linked with that is an account level. It starts small at the lowest levels but becomes bigger and bigger towards the higher levels. Combined with all of this there is something we call "prestige" that decide your so called "Account Level Border".

  • Account level is shown in the main menu, friends list.

  • Account level + account level border is also shown in the ingame tab list. You can find a preview picture for them further below in the patch notes.
  • Account level experience, the new value, will also be the fundament for our new season pass system. Further information and explanations about that system will be made further below in the patch notes.
  • Account levels update when a player exits a server and is back in the main menu. If your account levels up, you will get a level up notification there.
  • Account experience can be gained by playing any game-mode. You get, for instance, XP by killing players, winning a Battle Royale game, winning a Competitive game, killing zombies, etc.
  • The experience needed per level increases each level. That means that to level up from level 1 to 2 you need A LOT less XP than to level up from level 350 to 351. The higher level you are, the more XP you will need to level up.
  • You can also see someone's account level border when aiming at that player ingame. This is how it looks:

    Prestige System:
  • To make the whole system more attractive and cool, we have linked it to a prestige system. It is relatively simple. There is 6 in total as following:
    • Silver: Level 1 - Level 400.
    • Gold: Level 401 - Level 800.
    • Platinum: Level 801 - Level 1200.
    • Diamond: Level 1201 - Level 1600.
    • Elite: Level 1601 - Level 2000.
    • Master: Level 2000+.
  • Here is an overview that will hopefully allow you to understand the whole border/prestige system better:
  • Basically you can be level 1-100 and when you reach level 101 your level will (only visually) be reset to 1, although you will have a prestige of 1 level up. Every time you do so, a diamond in that prestige area style will be added. When you reach level 401, you will then enter the Gold level and so on. Here are some examples:
    • Player that is level 97:
    • Player that is level 647:
    • Player that is level 2374:

      Note: Each diamond per type stands for a 100 levels. Meaning if you see a silver border with 3 diamonds under, it means that that player is somewhere above level 300. (100 x 3 diamonds = 300)
  • The idea behind this is that the players can recognize other players' level range, using the border, where the "higher" the border is the higher the player's level will be. Basically let's say a player sees a diamond (blue) border, they then know that the player has to be between level 1201 and 1600. He can then count the diamond icons under for each 100 levels and then, based on the style of the border, he can know how high he is in that prestige ranging from 1-100.

For this update we have reworked the TAB list, aka the in-game menu that shows a list of all players in the current server. We have reworked this for three reasons: optimizations, support for the new account levels and to improve the overall look of it. Below we will show a picture of what the list will look like and under that we will mention changes & updates in particular in a short list.


  • Support for account levels has been added. As you can see the account level for a player and the border of the account level has been added in front of the character's name/server number.
  • We have also added the clan tag for characters. If a certain character is in a certain clan, it will now show the clan tag + color of the clan tag in front of the character name as well. This way you can know what clan a certain character is in.
  • The account subscription icons, veteran icon and friend icon have been repositioned. This now shows after the character's name.

We have also changed the on-click menu that shows when clicking on a particular player. This is how it looks:

  • Note that this picture is how it looks when clicking on yourself. Buttons such as "mute" and "report" are still there and will show under the avatar and account level border. A cool trick is that when clicking on any player you can see his 'total' level, in the example above, 3000. On the tab list itself (without clicking on a player) you'll only see his current level in THAT prestige. How that all works can be found under the "Account Level System" part of these patch notes.

With the new level system being introduced we had a solid basis to also develop a season pass system. With the season pass and the progress for it we use the new Account Experience value as a basis. Only players who actually buy a season pass will be able to participate in it. Please note that the price of the season pass will be based on its content. We aim to particially add unique content to and for the season pass to make this unique but the season pass will also have returning rewards for things that are already in the game including GC or in-game items, for example.

  • We thought about you Survival players and yes, rewards in the season pass can be both for the Open World and the Survival game-modes.
  • Since we use the account experience as a basis, progress will be linked to that. Although progress only starts counting when the season pass is purchased.
  • Account experience is global and can be gained by playing any game-mode, this means it doesn't matter what game-mode you play, you'll still progress in the season pass.

    Note: the picture above is purely for preview purposes and does not contain anything accurate towards how the final season pass will be.

    How does it work?
    A season pass will be available through the in-game marketplace. Once you bought a season pass you can go to the "Season Pass" menu by clicking the "Season Pass" button in the main menu and you'll see your current season pass overview. Season passes have an end date. The end date means that when that period is reached the season pass will be gone/disabled.

    On the season pass menu you will also see a timeline with points. Every point stands for a "level". When a level in the season pass is reached, you'll be rewarded with items, skins and/or content for that level. You can see the rewards for each level by clicking on them. Every season pass will be different in terms of the amount of levels and the amount of XP you need for a level. In the example pictured above you can see that after reaching a 100 XP you will reach level 1 of the "Test Season Pass". (This is just an example)

    The experience, XP, is the same as your account experience. Season pass experience will ONLY start counting after a season pass is bought.

    We plan on releasing a new season pass with unique content from time to time and we would like to address with this season pass being the first one ever, we expect some feedback. This first season pass will mostly be focused on more of a try-out, most likely 1 month, where we get the chance to fully process all the feedback. With that being said, please let us know if you have any feedback.


Item & Skin Updates:


  • Fixed the third person model for the Mauser SP66. It was using an incorrect scope.
  • Fixed the texture of the K. Style NVG Ice. The texture now matches the rest of the skin collection.
  • Fixed the texture of the Alice Backpack Solrath.
  • Fixed a bug related to the claymore not dealing damage to players or zombies sometimes.
  • Players inside vehicles can no longer trigger bear traps.


  • Improved the specular texture for the Custom Guerilla. Increased the resolution and improved the overall quality of this texture making all custom guerilla armors including the default one look a lot better in high quality lighting.
  • Increased the glow amount of the Karambit Jedi skin.
  • Updated the item description of the Military Backpack.
  • Updated the item description of the Hunter Backpack.


  • Added a new light-machine gun: M249-E3 Para. This light machine weapon is a better variant of the M249 and uses M249 ammo. Although we have added this new weapon to the game, it won't be available in any game mode just yet. Stay tuned for more information later on when / how we release this new weapon.
  • Added a new skin for the Katana: Light Sword Cross Purple. This light sword will be added to the content of the Jedi Skinbox at the moment of this patch.
  • Added a new skin for the Katana: Light Sword Twin Purple. This light sword will be added to the content of the Jedi Skinbox at the moment of this patch.
  • Added a new skin for the Katana: Light Sword Yellow. This light sword will be added to the content of the Jedi Skinbox at the moment of this patch.
  • Added a new skin for the M107: M107 Black Night. This skin will not be released / available just yet.

    Please note that most item additions listed above won't be released instantly. Keep an eye on our social media to stay up to date for their individual releases.


  • Updated the bear trap store icon. This one looks better and is overall better looking and better quality.
  • The Karambit Blue is is from now on glowing.
  • Bear traps and claymores no longer deal damage to players in PVE servers.
  • Bear traps and claymores can now also be triggered by zombies.


  • Reworked the store icon of the Custom Guerilla. Also reworked all its skins.
  • Reworked the store icon of the Custom Vest. Also reworked all its skins.
  • Reworked the basic light swords. The entire model has been reworked and most importantly been optimized at the same time. Also store icons and recipe icons have been updated.
  • Reworked the cross light swords. The entire model has been reworked and most importantly been optimized at the same time. Also store icons and recipe icons have been updated.
  • Reworked the twin light swords. The entire model has been reworked and most importantly been optimized at the same time. Also store icons and recipe icons have been updated.
  • Reworked the curved light swords. The entire model has been reworked and also most importantly been optimized at the same time. Also store icons and recipe icons have been updated. Note that this one has been switched to a curved saber since it made a lot more sense to have it like this. The curved skins still have a more "chromish" hold part.


Survival Updates:
We know you all really want us to implement and release the base building system although we have decided to cut the whole feature in to two separate parts: 1) The resource gather system which is the system that allows players to farm materials and use those to build a base with.
2) The actual base building system.
For this update we have proceeded to release part 1 where in Colorado V2, Survival, players can now find and farm resources. We want to make sure this is balanced first before releasing the base building system itself. These are two very big steps for us to take and we just want to make sure we do it right and create some breathing room and space for feedback from players.

Note 1: Resources will also start spawning on other Survival maps including Caliwood, Colorado V1 and Oregon in the near future. To balance everything we need to focus on 1 map for now which is Colorado V2. However we definitively plan to add the resources to all Survival maps soon.
Note 2: For those wondering about the base building system and resource system being implemented into the Open World game-mode; yes we are considering this to a certain extent although we want to focus on balancing and fully releasing it into the Survival game-mode first.



  • Random spawned weapons (loot) now spawn with a random amount of bullets.
  • Toxic super zombies now drop 3 items instead of 1.

Colorado V2 (Survival):

  • Fixed a clan territory where the wrong boost perk was assigned.

Colorado V1 (Survival):

  • Fixed a clan territory where the wrong boost perk was assigned.


  • Reworked the model and store icon for Metal.
  • Reworked the model and store icon for Wood.
  • Reworked the model and store icon for Stone.

The following crafting requirements (recipes) have been updated based on the new resource gather system:
Note that we only show below the required items that we adjusted.

  • Hatchet: increased to 100 wood, 20 metal. Removed: 1 plastic, 1 glue. Rest remains same.
  • Pickaxe: increased to 100 wood, 20 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Fire axe: increased to 125 wood, 50 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Brotherhood: increased to 100 metal, 4 tactical knives. Rest remains same.
  • Canoe Paddle: increased to 75 wood. Rest remains same.
  • Improvised fire axe: increased to 100 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Arrow: increased to 5 wood, 5 stone. Rest remains same.
  • Bada Boom: increased to 50 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Clean Sweep: increased to 50 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Cricket Bat:  increased to 90 wood. Rest remains same.
  • Wrench: increased to 20 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Bat: increased to 90 wood. Rest remains same.
  • Metal Bat: increased to 20 metal. Rest remains same.
  • M9 Bayonet: increased to 20 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Machete increased to 40 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Fireman helmet: removed metal. Rest remains same.
  • Heavy Armor: increased to 100 metal. Rest remains same.
  • K. Style Helmet: increased to 50 metal. Rest remains same.
  • C01-Vaccine: increased to 10 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Binoculars: increased to 20 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Code lock: increased to 100 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Small code locker: increased to 250 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Armor plates: increased to 75 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Wooden code locker: increased to 100 wood, 15 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Repair kit: increased to 50 metal. Rest remains same.
  • Forward grip: increased to 10 metal. Rest remains same.

The following crafting recipes have been disabled (for now) based on the new resource gather system:
Note that these will most likely not come back as they were a 'temporary fix' pre to the resource gather system that's now here.

  • Metal Recipe. (Metal scrap is temporary not spawning)
  • Stone Recipe. (Rocks are temporary not spawning)
  • Wood Recipe. (Sticks are temporary not spawning)


Stone, wood and metal now spawns in Survival Colorado V2. We are adding the resources to the rest of the Survival map(s) in the near future. Resources spawn around the map and can be farmed using tools. Only particular melees have particular gather rates. Some can only farm wood, some only metal, some both. Some are more sufficient than others.

The following melees have gather rates and can be used to either farm wood, stone or metal:

  • Flashlight: 1 wood, 1 stone, 1 metal per hit.
  • Hammer: 3 metal per hit.
  • Hatchet: 6 wood per hit.
  • Pickaxe: 6 stone per hit.
  • Chainsaw: 10 wood per hit.
  • Crowbar: 5 metal per hit.
  • Fire axe: 7 wood, 2 metal per hit.
  • Power drill: 1 metal per hit.
  • Wrench: 1 metal per hit.
  • Brotherhood: 7 wood per hit.
  • Double Fire Axe: 8 wood, 3 metal per hit.

Resources spawn around the map and have a maximum health values. When a resource is being farmed and reaches 0 health, it will despawn. Resources spawn back randomly, and have a cool down just like normal items. The following health values have been set:

  • Wood: 100 health. Common. Spawns pretty much anywhere.
  • Stone: 50 health. Medium. Spawns mostly outside cities & towns.
  • Metal: 20 health. Rare. Spawns mostly inside cities & towns.


  • Updated the gather resources on the Cliffside beta server to the new (3) variants.
  • Base build objects now decay if they are not attached to a base with a Cupboard.
  • Added a demolish option to the building hammer. This way builders don't have to switch to another weapon to destroy a wall they just placed.
  • Fixed the footstep sounds for building objects. They should now match with the material.
  • Fixed a bug related to the building system causing walls to be rotated 90 degrees after placing stairs.

The following adjustments have been made to the building objects based on the new resource gather system:

  • Foundation: 125 wood.
  • Ceiling: 100 wood.
  • Roof: 100 wood.
  • Foundation Stairs: 100 wood.
  • Stairs v2: 100 wood.
  • Stairs v3: 100 wood.
  • Wall: 100 wood.
  • Door frame: 75 wood.
  • Window frame: 75 wood.
  • Small window frame: 75 wood.
  • Small wall: 75 wood.
  • Pillar: 50 wood.
  • Door: 100 wood, 20 metal. (Since it has a code lock already on the door)
  • Metal Window Cover: 60 metal.


Open World Updates:


  • Toxic super zombies now drop 3 items instead of 1.

(PVP) Lounge:

  • Fixed some flying objects around the left side of the pool area.
  • Fixed an issue related to "Fred's Mission" where one of the way points was flying in the air.


Battle Royale Updates:

Arizona V2:

  • Fixed some places where there were some issues related to the terrain not being high enough.
  • Fixed some flying rocks pretty much all over the map.
  • Tweaked settings for players playing on Medium and Low to increase and improve overall performance.


Estimated patch size: 300-400 mb. (It's a big one)

Patch ETA: Patch will roll out as soon as these patch notes are released.

Estimated downtime: We will try to keep the downtime around 1 hour.

Pre-patch notes might be changed if we need to fix / add something.


Once again thank you for your great support! Want to support us even more? Make sure to share these patch notes with your friends and followers!

For any feedback about the game or this patch please let us know at http://playnewz.com/feedback

If you'd like to share suggestions and ideas you have for the game please let us know at: https://suggest.playnewz.com/

To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz


Best Regards,


// Fredaikis




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On 02/10/2019 at 13:22, Sven said:

Que se passe-t-il si nous prolongeons le forfait saison pour qu'il soit en place pendant 2 mois? Qu'en pensez-vous?:)

Hello, will it be extended by 1 month ? Thank you

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I raise the level and to get a reward I have to pay?????ahahahhahahahahahhayes you guys have become complete idiots  for such treatment with us by players, I no longer dolar and do not wet


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