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Could someone please explain to me WHY my support ticket was re-opened ( at my request) but no one has made any effort to answer it. The last response I got from Support was on August 23 rd stating that my ticket was re-opened . It is now August 28th and I have no answer or reply from support!! I also would like to point out that I also logged a complaint to [email protected] making note that I was for some reason at that time locked out of logging in to reply to or check my tickets. This issue has been resolved and I can now log in to check things. 

However, this leads me to my second question for support and the Devs. You can read my ticket # 112571 and see the issues I was having with FPS and Ping when I tried to play on various PVE servers. MAJOR issues and had I not found a fix myself, I still would not be able to play as the game preformed terribly resulting in my death EVERY time I tried to play.  This issue was originally reported on August 2nd. August 2nd until August 28th....and counting is a LONG time NOT to have an issue resolved!!

I will now tell you HOW I FIXED it!!! After an ongoing debate with my wife, we decided to renew our private server one more time this year. SURPRISINGLY, now that I am playing on our own private PAID FOR server my game plays just fine with NO issues!!! Now explain that, because it is utter BS that now since I play on a PAYED server my game just suddenly works fine!!!

And one final note....when support gives a time frame for a response, they should damn well keep their word! No excuse for 'the weekend','out of office', 'on vacation'. or whatever. IT DOES NOT MATTER! If support can not or will not be able to reply for some time that's OK, but at least SAY SO! This still does not get support off the hook however. Players play LOTS on the weekends too, especially during weekend events, so if an issue arises there NEEDS to be someone to assist them in a timely manner!

PS: Sven, I know you talked to me about my ticket and ElChupacabra was supposed to be looking into it, but how long was I supposed to wait? It has been almost 1 month, and like I stated before, had I not 'fixed' this myself, I would STILL NOT be able to play.

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8 hours ago, Katryna247 said:


I test bullet drop in private server and we have diference or lag in dot count compare to pvp server.
Now if you see a server with 50+ players don't enter in this server. I'ts on limit.

Also recoil and hitbox are diferent.

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