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Welcome to the new Forums! (New Z Giveaway)

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On 6/9/2017 at 6:23 AM, Fredaikis said:

Dear Community!


Since our old (NewZ) forums had many major issues we have decided to move over to an entire new forum. We think it's very important to involve our community as much with the development of the game as possible and we think it's very important to have a good place to do that. The new 'Fredaikis' forum is aimed to the future meaning these forums will not only be used for New Z. 

We are aiming to build an entire new community not only for New Z but for whatever the future brings us. In the end we hope to have different sections next to NewZ. (Ideas we have are for example: future projects, gaming, coding, graphics, etc.) If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know!

On the new forum you will need to create a new account since this forum is entirely new and does not have anything linked to the old forum. (to avoid issues)

Most important threads regarding New Z will be moved over, the old New Z forum will stay online for a while. We recommend to switch over as soon as you can since the old New Z forum will be gone at some point. Also, all New Z forum links will soon be linked to this new forum.



To celebrate the new forums and to start building our community here we are doing a giveaway. Here's how to win:
1. Create a forum account on these new forums.
2. Reply to this post why you think you should win.
3. 3 random winners (from the comments) will be chosen on Sunday, June 18.
Reward: 1x Elite Skinbox for each of the 3 winners.

Best Regards,


// The Fredaikis Staff Team


I must be the winner :)))

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Winner 1: 

On 2017-6-9 at 10:05 PM, Soj4 said:

Nice Forum

Winner 2: 

On 2017-6-9 at 0:56 PM, Zuzuyani said:

I wanna win <3

Winner 3:

On 2017-6-17 at 9:07 AM, ionut251196 said:

good luck to all

Now I need the three of you to write me a Personal Message with your ingame names so I can reward you. 

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