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An Apology

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It seems that one of the latest trends in this game is to try to force the PVE players to abandon our favorite mode of play. This makes no sense. PVE is an important part of this and other games. It allows new players to get used to the basic mechanics of the game. It also allows them to gain experience and advance their character statistics. When I first found New Z, I didn't see the PVE side of the game. All I thought was there was only PVP. Understand that, at that time, the population of players was a lot larger than it is now. Also, there already was a side of the community that took great delight at camping spawn locations, and then, as they put it, Kill the Noobs. I guess they thought it was a fun thing to do. I almost quit until I found a PVE server. A lot of new players that may have turned out to be very supportive of the game by both playing and purchasing items. It was a big joke. We are still trying to fight against the stigma of only playing PVE and told that we are, and these are not exact words but you will get the idea, Weak players. Not good enough to compete against the perceived 'better PVP' player. Idiots because we don't like PVP. etc. There were a lot of comments in the game that I will not repeat here due to the extreme language and degrading meaning of what those 'Better PVP players' thought of us. The funny part of all this is, about 90% of those very same 'Better PVP players' come in to a PVE server and loot. Including setting up behind a player that takes the time and expends the ammo to kill Super and Alien zombies and then at the very last second, swoop in and steal the loot.

Please, don't get the wrong idea here. I am not against PVP. I will not suggest that anybody stop playing there because that is what you like and that it is your choice. Well, those of us that like to only play PVE choose to do so. We are no less members of this gaming community than you are. We simply like to spend some time playing to get away from the stress of the day. We find a certain amount of solace with just killing zombies and collecting loot. For us it's fun. A lot of the PVE players also supply you PVPers with items in the Trade Lounges. WE ARE PEOPLE TOO.

@Sven, I owe you a major apology for my ranting earlier. What set me off was not the topic of base building. As I said I absolutely support that coming to New Z. What did set me off on my rant was seeing one more person coming into the forums and instantly stating that you should cut PVE out of the ability to build bases. I have tried to defend the rights of those of us that enjoy that aspect, and I will continue to do so in the future. I will, however, try to keep my temper in check. I was rude and that is not my normal way of addressing issues. I have, at times, been a little more 'direct' in my assessment of what goes on though. I hope you will accept my apology @Sven, you have always been a strong supporter for EVERYONE in the forums. I know I don't say it that often but your efforts are very much appreciated. You have a tough, and sometimes thankless, job. Just know that you are appreciated.

I hope everybody enjoys whatever part of the game in which you choose to participate. We are all gamers. Just please, stop trying to push the PVE players aside just because some of you don't like our mode of play.

Thank you all for reading this and understanding.

Have a Nice Day!!! 😎

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Happy to hear that you like the base building concept. Of course we have no intention of leaving it out for PVE players.



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Hi, I'd like to thank you for writing this. Although I am not saying you are totally wrong or anything however I was a little bit shocked yesterday didn't really expect your reaction. Either way, you have and always had valid points and I totally agree some of them are not picked up as well as others. Unfortunately. Let's change that!

I love that you write with the yellow text. I always know and see that it's you commenting somewhere haha. :P Oops maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Don't worry about it man. Keep it up! :)



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