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survival need many changes

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many people are playing here only pvp / others only tradeing on discord survival loot / and some just only looting
1 woodshield barricades should be available as loot because its a rly annoying when 5 noobs just only camp some locations
2 zombies should drop some symbolic gd... like 4-14 gd
3 gd should be tradable in survival (but not gd from open world) - this will prevent many problems of scum (open world - survival)
4 the alien contract should give much more xp and 10x dx and 10x riot
or change to kill 50 alien for a random sniper rifle?
not 3x dx and 2 ar +1500xp ... because its a joke
look for the reward for 20 super zombies and reward for 20 alien zombies...
5 craft...80% of the stuff is not worth doing
i think if u change it then pvpers / traders / looters will be more satisfied
By changing the alien contract like this, many people will not prolong private servers
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I agree only with 4 and 5. 4 not maybe the loot you said but it realy needs a buff. 5 YES damn i craft only brotherhood vaccines and maybe sometimes meds. 

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17 hours ago, face866 said:
It seems reasonable and logical to me, everyone will have to do something again. I also know that not everyone will like it


Well, it is literally impossible to please every single person in the world at the same time. But changes in a case like you've suggested are always good, as it may bring more for players in general. 


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they should start with barricades (somehow) 35 wood... u need 2 days to craft one baricade... or if ure sick u can craft 2 every day (maybe)
fix alien contract for any rare reward and more xp...
This is the minimum
step by step
then they should give new players something to do (fix craft) look shank craft - its simple and logic
the last drastic for many people (gd diggers)
enter a separate game dolars in survival and eliminate the possibility of ghoosts through random spawn everytime
if u gonna do it - then u can hate me all...




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excelente ja é um começo mas precisamos mesmo é de tornar os (riot shield / escudo de proteção) menos impossíveis de serem encontrados no modo sobrevivência pois não tem como chegar próximo de um inimigo sem esse item, fazendo com que aquele que ir pra cima primeiro morra fácil sem possibilidade de defesa.Eu insisto que isso seja revisto.

Quando estou jogando com a patente do bem tentando seguir esse lado e sou alvejado por um civil ou outra pessoa com patente do bem não a possibilidade de revidar sem que aja a perda de pontuação caso eu fique vivo, eu estou sugerindo que aqueles que forem alvejados por outro jogador civil ou com a patente positiva possam revidar sem que aja a perda da pontuação, na maneira que o jogo se encontra esta ruim.

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