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Nether Suggestions

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Since the feedback on the discord is kinda crazy, I'll be posting here.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Packages: instead of Find packages around the safe zone, you can go to the trader that has the certain package you wanna run. Better than running around the safe zone for 5-10 mins to find two of the same packages.
  • Teammate Hud: Shows teammates account rank (not level), health, Ammo and which gun they're using.  Ex. https://gyazo.com/deccd730ce9e5c4877a5d8d4416a1110
  • Crosshair customization: Custom your crosshair (color, size, crosshair type)
  • Weapon attachments: Beable to craft weapon attachments, Ex. Lopes with a scope and a foregrip. You get the point

New Guns

  • Ak47: Mid-Tier Gun, medium fire rate, about 200-250 damage, medium recoil but can be lowered with attachments
  • M4: Mid-Tier Gun, Single shot, 300 damage. low recoil


For cosmetics and hear me out, add microtransactions for them. Not loot boxes but something that fortnite has where there's weekly or monthly new cosmetics and you can buy them for real money. Great way for you to earn some more cash because I'm down to buy lol


  • Subway raids: Just like nether surges but in the subway, when you complete the raid you get rare items.
  • Tribe Outpost overhaul: When you take over an outpost, you can access your GI and be able to buy stuff. Also, be able to set up defenses against nether and Players trying to take over your outpost
  • Sliding: be able to slide, a great way to get to dodge for cover why being shot out.

Thats all for now, please give me feedback! +1


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Good suggestions. 


Though I suggested Tribal outposts a long time ago on Discord so I'll just use same thread to post the idea here that i discussed with others back in April and May and a lot of players seemed to approve and this is for the sake of PvE players too:

"Like a small idea: It might be just wishing and dreaming, but I've always imagined Tribal settlements with different perks than being in the safezone, with rivalry missions given by NPCs (for PvPers and PvEers). Rivalry tasks could vary like 1)attacking rival settlements 2)kill x number of a rival tribe and get x reward 3) stealth missions to bring x package from rivalry settlements to tribe, and etc. Settlements don't have to look like safezones. They could be in the underground, on the floor of some random building, in the wastelands, anywhere really. And friendly fire off for ppl in tribes. It's also a way for ppl without 'cliques' to still team up and defend."

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It would be nice to try to get players from the same tribe to cooperate instead of slaughtering each other. Thus common tribal goals can be accomplished. It should be made clear whether the player in front of you is an enemy or an ally of the same tribe.

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