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I just wanted to start off by saying 1.) I hope this is in the right section and 2.) All criticism here is just general feedback, and I'm not attacking anyone specifically.

I played both WarZ, Nether, Rust, DayZ, and Arma 2 as a kid in middle school and high school. I'm now in my 2nd year of college, and seeing / playing the remakes of these games really bring back good memories for me., but enough of that, I just have a few questions to the players of Nether: The Untold Chapter

1.) Did you play the OG Nether?

2.) Does this remake feel like a cash grab

3.) How's the player population

4.) Is it worth the $15.00?

And if any devs see's this, is it possible to get a "review" account? To review the game for YouTube and check it out? I just recently made a video about the OG Nether, and how it failed, and if there could possibly be a comeback with this remake.


And if Fredakis is reading this: Long time no talk man.. you probably don't remember me at all. I hope all is well for you.

My review on the OG Nether:


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1. No

2. I played about 25hours and payed 7,99€ so i guess that makes it kind of worth. But overall everything is a cash grab.

3. Low.

4. If you want PvE and Nostalgia. I doubt the game stays for long.

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