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What's going on!?

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Title says it all. What actually is going on?
On Discord you can't get any proper answers for anything because no one replies other that 1 person and he/she can't tell much because doesn't know either.

I completely understand that the Devs are busy with game stuff as polishing and putting stuff where they should be, but shouldn't there be at least somebody somewhat informed who talks to the community? Like a person who gets some information from Devs by the end of the day on what is going on.
There was something mentioned about a announcement 2 days ago that should have been posted yesterday, but nothing. All we have seen now is that the release date has switched from 15th to 21st of may and since now, completely taken off. So what's the deal with that?

There isn't even a simple faq post made for people who join the channel to read and understand the state of the game that it is now.

There presumably is a Discord Administrator and a Moderator that haven't spoken not once and aren't in any contact with the community or even trying to keep the community together.

At this state it's just a he said she said situation. People join the channel, nobody can't answer anything and rely on answers given by other same level members or beta testers.

Since forum is inactive for this and all the talk happens in discord, shouldn't at least some beta testers who are the most active given the role of a moderator or something? To somewhat have a connection with the Devs to clarify most common questions and maybe an option to write some type of a Faq for newcomers. Why beta testers? Because if the devs managed to trust them to be beta testers , they could also trust them with simple harmful options in discord to manage. Right?

Anyway, this post probably won't see the light of day but the community and communications is a mess and there should be something done about it. Community is the strongest link in the chain of a games development, therefore it should be organised and treated that way.

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