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May 1st - 8:00PM (European Time): BoS 2-1 CUBE
May 1st - 8:30PM (European Time): CupRu 0-3 KID
May 1st - 11:00PM (6:00PM BRT): UNKZ 2-1 RR
May 1st - 11:30PM (6:30PM BRT): UNKZ 3-0 REI5
May 1st - 12:00AM (7:00PM BRT): RXSS 0-3 GOD
May 1st - 12:30PM (7:30PM BRT): BRZK 1-2 NSDZ

May 2nd - 3:00PM (9:00PM Hong Kong Time): WAC vs OTS
May 2nd - 3:30PM (9:30PM Hong Kong Time): 24HR vs CN
May 2nd - 4:00PM (10:00PM Hong Kong Time): HIGHAS vs ISAED
May 2nd - 4:30PM (10:30PM Hong Kong Time): 3BBZ vs FLOY
May 2nd - 8:00PM (European Time): 331 vs GOSU
May 2nd - 8:30PM (European Time): GPSG vs BoS
May 2nd - 12:00PM (7:00PM BRT): RXSS vs LT

May 3rd - 3:00PM (09:00PM Hong Kong Time): HACK vs WAC
May 3rd - 3:30PM (09:30PM Hong Kong Time): CHM vs HIGHAS
May 3rd - 4:00PM (10:00PM Hong Kong Time): CN vs HACK 
May 3rd - 5:30PM (10:30PM Hong Kong Time): FLOY vs CHM
May 3rd - 6:30PM (European Time): HIGH vs UDEAD
May 3rd - 7:00PM (European Time): GOSU vs TS
May 3rd - 01:30AM (8:30PM BRT): JUNIOR vs UNKN

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Most team leaders have been added to the Discord group on the Official Discord. However, some of you have not, since you didn't give us the correct name. If you don't follow up on the match dates as they are, you will be considered withdrawn and permanently removed from the Cup and future Cups. 


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