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I'm an old player of this game since 2015-2016. I decided to log in because some friends returned to game and decided to play again but I saw I was banned. I can recall that I lent my account to a friend, and i'm sure he was the one who got me banned, you can check that out probably with an IP tracker - I used to log in from Spain , probably it may vary a little since I moved from city to city but IP should still be from this european country.

My friend who got me banned was from Argentina (you can check it by IP)  and I know rules are to never lend accounts, so if I can't get unbanned at least I would like to know the reason I got banned.

Never thought I wouldda come back to this game - thats why I agreed to let my account to a friend. I just wanted to point out that whatever the reason was, I can't say im total responsible of it, but partially since I gave my account to a third person.

Would appreciate an explanation, and why not, a solution.

Thanks for reading.

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