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New idea: Reviving Teammates

Reviving teammates  

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  1. 1. Should you be able to revive your teammates?

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Discussing what we could bring to the game mode to improve the experience and talking to some players, we came across this idea... Reviving teammates. 

A lot of players feel bored in Battle Royale when playing in a duo because if you die early, you can be forced to watch (or wait in the lobby) for 20-30 minutes on a match. This would help you stay in game longer, giving you a bigger chance to winning and, most importantly, have more fun. 

Reviving would work as in most games that have this function. Your teammate gets knocked down. You will have X seconds/minutes to revive him and it will take X seconds for the revival to complete. 
Getting shot will interrupt the revival and you will have to start over. 
You can ONLY revive players who queued up in a group with you. You cannot revive others.
Other details are being discussed and feedback and ideas for this is appreciated. 

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También podrías agregar, si en caso no llegaría a salvar (revivir) al compañero de equipo, el compañero abatido podría ayudar con el sistema de rastreo  (ping system) mientras observa la partida, seria una buena idea no cree?

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I wonder where you guys get all those innovative ideas from.. first Competitive, then location pings and now this. Kappa



On a sidenote:

  • welp, there goes the last chance of any solo player. You not just have a higher chance of loosing, you also take away their last triumph. When you play solo you are significantly weaker. You lack firepower and vision, you can not move arround somebody, you are basically fcked in endgame scenarios with somebody in a superior position or a team. And the only point of satisfaction is at least the sense of justice when you manage to kill one of the group members so the other has to go through the same hell as you did. Now you even take that away. Why?
  • Fortnite can revive because they have different queues.  It's not a measure if imballance but of teamplay there
  • I keep repeating myself: why the polls on gamedesign? Have you aver seen this work for any game company? 
  • On an economic standpoint: NewZ operates as a minor in a market dominated by a few majors. What do you do in a scenario with way more powerfull competition, that is superior in everything? You freakin differenciate to stay alive and have something special to offer, a reason for players to stay and start. You do the fucking opposite of that. I would call it a real time experiment on the knowlegde in basic econimocs. We will see how this turn out. The only one to ever make this work is low priced China, but we operate in a f2p dominated market here.  Now for normies: If you make NewZ BR like fortnite, but significantly worse in almost all aspects, why would anybody play NewZ BR instead of fortnite? (You can also enter Competitive and CSGO here, but thats another topic and I dont want to get banned). 


Lauchi <3

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