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Competitive BETA NOW OPEN!

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Dear Community,


The time has finally come that we have decided to open up the Competitive game-mode to the public. It's still not a 100% finished product and there is still some tweaks and fixes to be made but to help us finalize this brand new game-mode we invite YOU to help us!


Just now, Sven said:

COMPETITIVE! 🤩🥳 PLAY OPEN BETA NOW! 😎 Brand new game-mode is now open for EVERYONE! (Only this weekend)




How to join the BETA?

Now, to not rush things and stress the server too much the Competitive BETA game-mode will only be available to players who have an Extreme account subscription, Legendary or are Official Fredaikis partners. We invite all of you to play the BETA of Competitive and help us finalize the game-mode. Feel free to stream and share the content everywhere!

NOTE: Deluxe and Lifetime Premium got added as well.

Please respect and understand that we haven't opened the BETA for this new game-mode completely for the full public. We just want to make sure there is no major issues and the game-mode is finalized to a solid point. If everything goes according to plan, we will release this new game-mode to further player groups VERY soon.


How to play?

If your account meets the requirements (Explained above) to join, all you have to do is go to the "Competitive" game-mode button in the main menu. After this create a character and simply click on the top right of the screen on play. A queue will start and you will join as soon as there is enough players queuing up.



What is Competitive?

Competitive is a brand new game-mode in Infestation: The New Z. This game-mode has been in development and promised to players for a while so it's very essential we start releasing it to the public. The game-mode takes the New Z mechanics to a deathmatch player-vs-player environment where there will be 2 teams fighting each other in rounds to win the game. There is multiple ways to win a game, there is an in-game economy where players can buy better items to start rounds with and much more. We will be jumping into each core feature right below:

For now servers start with one of the three random maps we made available. The main reason we chose for this and not just one dedicated map is to keep variety in the games for players. Of course we do consider adding an option in the queue where players can choose what map they want to play on. For now, this BETA, we will keep it like this so we can get enough players in the servers. Current maps in the pool are:

  • Smallville
  • Clearview
  • Village

The queue system is completely dynamic. It takes the players "skill level" and using that it queues a player against / with other players that are around that skill level. Right now, as this is the first public Competitive release ever the queue system is very soft; almost any player will get queued with any player. We expect this to slowly fall in place and adjust over time where in the end players will be queued based on their skill. 

You can actually play the Competitive game-mode with friends. If you want to do so, create a party with them. The party leader then has to start the queue. You will queue up together with your friends and when a game is found, you will all join together and be in the same team. Since the current Competitive is a 5 versus 5 mode, you can only queue up with 5 players max. (Meaning you + 4 other friends)

After a player has joined the server a little "warm-up game-mode" will be active. This is basically a warm-up where players fastly spawn in with random gear sets and weapons to kill other players. The warm-up depends on how fast the remaining players join the game but usually lasts for around a minute. After this the actual Competitive game will begin. There is a short pause and players will be moved to each side of the map (team a and team b).

After a player has joined the server, it will be placed in a team. Current team size is 5 so in one Competitive server there will be 10 different players. 5 in each team. There is team A (red) and team B (blue). Team red is always the attacking team and team blue always the defending.

The Competitive game-mode has rounds where each round is a set amount of time. Please note that things like round time, amount of rounds all depend on the map. This is all dynamic and will be tweaked depending on the BETA testing. Right now every map has 10 rounds. Teams switch EVERY round. This means on round number one you would be team blue, and on round number two you would be team red, etc. This to vary the gameplay as much as possible.

Each round the defending team has to defend the objectives for a certain amount of time, where the attacking team has to try to attack / take over one of the objectives OR kill the entire defending team.

The attacking team (team red) can win a round by:

  • Fully taking ONE of the objectives.
  • Eliminating the entire defending team (team blue) (5 players)

The defending team can win a round by:

  • Defend the objectives in time. When the time is over and the attacking team hasn't taken any objective, the defending team wins.
  • Eliminating the entire attacking team (team red) (5 players)

A team can win the match by (in this case) winning 6 rounds aka best of 5. There is 10 rounds in total so it is possible that the final score can come down to a 5-5 but in this case the 11th round will start and that round will decide which team will win the match.

Some things to note:

  • During a round when a player gets eliminated, he can spectate the remaining players of his team. Players will NOT respawn until the round is over and the next round starts.
  • When an attacking team is starting to take over ONE of the objectives the other objectives are automatically disabled. This means that the attacking team can not take over two objectives at the same time.

Every round the losing and the winning team receive a sum of dollars. Players can also receive dollars when killing another player for example. These dollars can be used at the beginning of any round where players can buy better gear and weapons.

Players lose their gear and weapon when they get eliminated. Other players will be able to pick up the gear and weapons from the player that got eliminated.

Teams can communicate with team members using voice chat. There is also a team and global chat.

Crash? Got kicked? We know that this might be an issue and therefore we have integrated a re-join system. It's very simple. If your game crashes, just restart, go to the Competitive game-mode and click on the top-right on "Play" and it will re-join you. If it doesn't let you in, keep trying. We are still improving things here.
When a player gets disconnected from the server for some reason


  • Skins work just like in any other game-mode. Purchased skins by players can be used in this game-mode.
  • Competitive is it's own unique game-mode and nothing other than skins / cosmetics can be transferred / used from other game-modes.
  • A lot of the stats, such as round times, winning / losing money will be tweaked depending on the feedback from this BETA.


The future of Competitive

Of course this is not just it. We have a lot of ideas and things we want to do for the Competitive game-mode to make it even more fun and unique. Just so you all get a little idea of what things are that we have in mind to do we have made this small list:

  • Ranks. Where players have ranks and a leaderboard to compete against other players. We definitely aim to add this to the Competitive game-mode very soon!
  • Option that players can choose the map when queuing.
  • Further tweaking and improving the game-mode. Keep fixing crashes and keep optimizing!
  • More.


Help us get Competitive out of BETA

Want to help us? Have feedback or reports about something? Let us know!

We have created a dedicated feedback section for the Competitive game-mode here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/7443-competitive/

Just let us know in the comments there what your feedback or report is! Your help is MUCH appreciated!



Now, if you have any further questions feel free to ask us in the comments on this thread or links us on one of our social media channels. We'll gladly answer any question you might have!

Please note that this text might be updated as there might be some information we have missed.


Best Regards,


// The New Z - Staff Team

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je trouve ça complètement débile que ça soit les joueurs extrême ou légendaire qui est accès a la beta car ceux qui on le premium a vie il sont vraiment dévalorisé ..... a médité chers développeurs ...

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Enjoy guys!

BTW, it's not many people trying just yet, have some patience and try to keep the queue up so 10 people can start a game!

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Update; Weekend event will end soon; Competitive BETA is (for now) only available for Premium and higher and not for everyone anymore.

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