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I'll move on. See ya in the future maybe xoxo

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I just want to thank the newz staff team really quick for the past 4 years working on that game too give us a nice gaming experience.

But now it is time for me to move on I guess. I just don't have the fun I used too have on the game (Lagging ppl, shotgun on small pvp maps, grenades on sniper servers, etc etc..)

I'll start grinding other games and try to get big on it. I just wish y'all that still play the game much fun and everything else I can wish.


I know I've not been the nicest person on the game or a much liked one, I just wanna apologise to everyone with whatever I said to you.

Have a nice day <3 


Cheers, gen.

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5 hours ago, AfYnE said:



8 hours ago, KOTAZ said:

sorry to see you go, hope we see you again in the future and good luck with your future endeavours.

 Who knows brother, who knows.

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19 hours ago, Sven said:

Why did you hide all your videos?

I wanna do a restart and grow my channel with fortnite. I'll start uploading content constantly. I left 2-3 videos from NewZ online. I had over 300 newZ videos on my channel which could be distracting for new ppl coming to my channel


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