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Weekend Event!

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Dear Community

Are you ready? We are very excited to announce this Weekend Event.


Start: February 1, 2019 12:00 PM (MEZ)

End: February 4, 2019 12:00 PM (MEZ)


Now, let's jump into further details:

  • Lounge PVP
    • The special PVP version of our current Lounge will be available during this event.
      • You can find these servers on Open World game mode and then PVP server section.
  • Double XP
    • You will earn the double amount of XP during this event. This will be available for Open World and Survival.
  • Basic Characters
    • You will have a chance to buy 3 of our original basic characters for Game Dollars (GD).
      • Rebel without a Cause
      • Ex Spetsnaz
      • Average Joe
  • 10% Discount on the Premium Subscription



  • Weekend Event Sale
    • Special weekend event sale is also active during this time. Check the picture below for more information.


We would also like to remind players if they experience any issues regarding the game to please contact us.


Official Support: https://playnewz.com/support

Twitch Drops: https://playnewz.com/drops

Partnership Program: https://playnewz.com/partners

Last Patch Notes/News: https://playnewz.com/news

Feedback: https://playnewz.com/feedback


The entire staff team wishes everyone a great weekend!


// The New Z - Staff Team

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1 hour ago, Kenn said:

Sir how can i fix this error when i play new z thefredaikis anti-cheats is error


You can make a ticket on https://playnewz.com/support or DM our bot in our discord server discord.gg/thenewz

10 hours ago, matr1cks said:

i don't get it i thought hunter was always free and the bald guy. I have hunter never paid gd for it?

Ex Military was always free.

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On 2/1/2019 at 2:28 PM, matr1cks said:

Why you write cage fighter , hunter , rebel , when it is in the shop Avg Joe , spetsnaz , rebel.

Was probably a little mistake but I see Steve has updated the text ;)

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