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I am NOT a SIR!

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54 minutes ago, Lauchboy said:

a)- I just don`t care about other people in general -

b) You either can`t or don`t want to see the irony in my post. I even stated that is was a joke but i guess people see what they want to see

To your topic:

c)  I mean do you even look at the open world chat? There is some actual insulting going on..

d) Like who the cell cares about little thai kids on a shitty trade server on a shitty game 

e) There would even be an easy solution to this matter. Just TELL PEOPLE that you dont want to be called Sir and also tell them how they should address you. 

If this is considered a ban reason the go the fuck for it. lol


Your reply:

a)There is a problem in a nutshell....you admittedly just don't care

b.) There is no 'joke' or laughing matter when you are blatantly referring to someones sexual orientation. 

Your comments about my post:

c.) I have and still do follow open chat but I have never seen such insulting like in this thread.

d.) b.) If this is such a shitty game as you say, then why do you stay and play?

e.) As I have stated multiple times before, I have tried this and it does not work. 

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1 hour ago, Keymbo said:

Just telling true Facts, She is crying because Thai's are calling her Sir, I mean she is 50 omg! Not even Girl under the Age of 18 are crying about things like that. And more me? No you do not deserve resepct, Sorry! But I tolerate (accept) you!

Lets get a few "facts" straight shall we! First of all, I don't care if you accept me or not! Your " acceptance" as well as anyone else's is of no consequence t me. IE I DON"T GIVE A RATS BEHIND if you "accept" or "tolerate" me or NOT!! I am not DOING  ANYTHING to you. You want to down someone and treat them badly all because they don't like one flipping pronoun!! Maybe NOW would be a good time to point out the GAME RULES, SOME EVEN the ADMIN have to admit you ARE BREAKING:                                                                                    

***************2. Insults:

Hate speech will be taken serious (racism/xenophobia/homophobia/etc...) and will most likely cause a ban.

Keep in mind that TRASHTALKING is part of the game. Trash talking and harassment are two completely different things.

 - Trash talking: Calling other players noobs, making fun of their play style, offending their skills during PvP.

********* - Harassing: Going after specific player for no reason just to aggravate them, offending them with personal things, talking shit about their families with the intention of clearly offending.   *******( Read this AGAIN)


Provoking players in order to "get them into trouble" may also result in a temporary ban. If you are willing to talk trash to other players, no matter the tone, you should be willing to get it back. (NEW)

If we see any patterns on reports, as in, with the sole intention of getting someone in trouble rather than feeling offended, you will be punished harshly. (NEW)

Be VERY careful when reporting players for disrespect and such. Your behavior prior to it will have a direct effect on it. It may nullify the report and it may cause you to be punished for it as well. (NEW)---------------------------   


Full game rules can be read at https://playnewz.com/info/general_gamerules.php 



I am done with your games. I am not beyond reporting your behavior. Harassing her... or me... targeting us... Not worth getting reported. 

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1 hour ago, Keymbo said:

Destroyed with Facts! Lauchboy, I think you killed her!

Keymbo.....Launchboy destroyed no one with 'facts.' You want to talk facts, lets talk rules; because your both clearly breaking them! Now that's a fact!

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