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2nd Gandalf Cup - "New Year World Cup"

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Team Name : CAT SQUAD


Players: xI DarkTerror Ix, AZURE, WAR LORD LEGOLAS , corr3 caminos 32 , -ELMEXICANO-

Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): skyline, katakuri

Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): L Э G Ф L Д s#8100 ,unitedlatinas.ts3.me

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Team Name : BOXBOX TEAM #2


Players: Karolka Buzzka Wasyl Waziv Uzarro

Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): Mvoziu skyking

Leader Contact : Virtual#9331 

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Hey guys,

Twitch DJ Gandalf here.


I think a lot of you guys already asked themselves why there are still no cup appointments.

On the one hand the first problem is that we are still not having enough teams registred, so taking this case into consideration we will realize quickly that we are having 13 from 16 registred teams in total, that means we are also still having a lack of three teams.

Secondly, on the other hand, I am personally experiencing some huge internet and connection problems which simply make streaming and managing a cup for me impossible at the moment. 


So how do we continue, how do we handle the situation?


Unfortunately the most straightforward solution for this is cancelling the cup first. In my opinion it doesn't really make sence to start with 13 teams because we can't even do the first bracket stage. Furthermore I don't want to kick any teams out to start the second bracket stage, that would just be unfair towards the other teams kicked out.

Moreover it also doesn't make any sense if I can't guard the matches as a referee because my ping will always be too high. In addition to that, I can't even broadcast the matches which would also become fatal if we needed any evidences of the single matches. 

All in all considered and to sum it up, doing this cup doesn't make any sense any longer so that I have to cancel it. We can't start a tournament, supposed to be proper and fun, with these conditions.

Maybe I will roll it up again when my internet is working completely again and more teams are willing to sign up, but now there is nothing I can do about it.

Sorry for any inconveniences,

DJ Gandalf

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