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Cowboy Cup 2019 (read before applying!)

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Cowboy Cup 2019 (read before applying!)


General information:

Important: Matches will only be played on FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS between 7 and 11 pm CET --> if you cant play to that time, don‘t apply! There won’t be any exception!

The Cup will start in January 2019

There will be a total of 18 teams (not more, not less)

Teams from all over the world will be allowed

But: i will try to put teams from the same country into a group, other than that the groups will be randomized

You are only allowed to play in 1 team

Map: tournament map (EU)

Each team consists of 4 players (+ 1 substitutional player)

Match will be best of 5

Every round lasts 5 mins

                When 5 mins are over, the team with the most players alove wins the round

If the same amount of players are alive there will either be an additional time of 1min or a draw (0 points; draws will only exist within a match)

In case of a match draw (after 5 rounds) there will be an extra round, where there has to be a winner.



                Weapons: Mosin (primary), Anaconda (secondary)

                Gear: Boonie hat & Custom vest

                Ammo: Mosin mags, Anaconda rounds

Meds: Any meds allowed, unlimited

                Attachments: only scope allowed

                Shields: only 4 riot shields (no wood etc.) unlimited!

Anything else is NOT ALLOWED!



1. Group stage: There will be 3 matches in each group

Like: 1 vs 2; 1 vs 3; 2 vs 3

The 2 (of 3) best teams will qualify for the 2. group stage (see picture)

2. group stage: There will also be 3 matches in each group

The 2 (of 3) best teams will qualify fort he K.O. stage

K.O. stage (see picture)

Best of 5, only 1 match for each team to proceed tot he next step

There will be: quarter finals, semi finals, finals and match for 3rd place

Teams will be ranked within the groups by:

1.       Wins (matches)

2.       Wins (rounds)

3.       Total kills

4.       Total deaths

5.       (fair play decision)

Fair play decision means for the referee to decide which team has been behaving better in the cup so far. Aspects can be flaming, violation of rules, punctuality…



Other rules:

-          Boosting up on shields is not allowed!

-          Any roofs are off limit!

-          Each round will start with a horn

-          Match/time will be paused by a horn, players are not allowed to move until there is another horn signal

-          If your team is more than 15 mins late to the match you will automatically lose; if there are less players present you will have to play with that number of players

-          No other players than the ones listed will be allowed. In case of a name change i need tob e informed

Every single match will be streamed by me, I will also be the main referee who might choose a second referee to help https://www.twitch.tv/kill3rlive


1. Chrome boxes + GD

2. Fun edition boxes + GD

3. Vindicator boxes + GD



Team name:

Team tag:

Player names (4+1):


Leader contact:


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Team: Brotherhood of Steel

Team tag: BoS

Player: Tixedo, Don Daago, Rosa Tuff Tuff, Don Tango, 69

County: Germany

Leader: Rosa Tuff Tuff

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1.  Anima Vestra
2.  P A N C H O
3.  NAHZ
4.  waver panda
5.  zero19
7.  M A N A O S S S

8.  nah

Leader contact: Discord

pipobeaR #0274


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