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Random often crashes

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Hi, i´m playing just Survival now. My game is crashing many times last days. I have different types of crashes but most common are: Crash without window of sending error (While playing firstly steam turns off and after some seconds or few minutes game crash), next is Crash with window of sending error (Most common for all players), I don´t know if the game crash but my screen turns black and flashes for few seconds and then stays black (Restart is needed, maybe it´s hardware related), next is Crash with message like not enough RAM (it´s not that common as other one, and i should have enough RAM and i have set really low settings). These are all types of crashes i have. It´s really annoying to die because of that. Maybe you could do something if player don´t leave throught the quit button but the game crash that he will be disconnected instantly. I have days when i have about 3-4 crashes per hour but there are days when i have about 1 crash per 2 hour. Does anybody have some advice how to prevent crashing? I did some things and i have optimilized my laptop to highest performance. Other thing is that i don´t have the best laptop but it´s able to run this game at 40-70fps. I have turned on Fastload (It´s recommended on worse PCs, laptops) but in comparing to turned this function off the crashes seems to be just as often.

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