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Game Stability and Optimization Assistance

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Hello, I have been playing for about 2 months now on Survival only.

I have come across many people that have complaints about instability and crashing. Yes of course it happens. Almost all games it happens especially online games. However you can still optimize the settings to make the game crash less. 

First go to here in your files. You will end up right clicking on both NewZLauncher and TheNewZ they are both .exe files

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NewZ 

When you right click on the selection you will go to properties and go to the Compatibility tab check Compatibility mode and select Run this program in Windows 8. Further down check the boxes Disable fullscreen optimizations and also Run this program as an administrator. 

You will then click on Change high DPI settings. You will then go to the bottom and check Override high DPI scaling behavior and leave it selected as application.

This will greatly increase playability and at least for me has tremendously reduced my crashing.

Also run the game directly through your system folder. Do not use steam. If you use steam you will have to disable the Steam Overlay.

I play on a laptop I bought for $200 in 2017 that is a i3 2.3ghz dual processor, 4gb RAM and intel integrated graphics. So yes I have a very low end laptop but this game is so optimized for playability. People complain to much about the crashing and minor bugs. This game is actually a gem that still needs some polishing and it is actively being polished. The rock and tree re-work may have seemed minor but actually was a great step in the right direction.

Also make sure you play your game on the correct graphical settings that are good for your computer. If your computer can play the graphics on medium, then play it on medium. If you can't run it well in high graphics, then don't. If you have an amazing computer then do not play on potato settings. Play it on what your computer is meant to be, everyone's computer is different and that's why everyone has a different experience.

My low end laptop should barely be able to play. I am able to get 40-60 FPS though and I do pretty well and for only 2 months of playing I am able to destroy VET players and Assassins and Vigilantes alike.

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