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The Saviors international recruiting

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Hey what is up guys!

Im new to The Saviors and I know it a german clan, but we german People can speak english really well, so for that being said, we just want to let you guys know that we would love to get some new Players in that Clan, because we are searching new or old Players and I would offer my knowledge from that Game and I would like to share some ingame tipps for all new Players also for older ones! I Play Normal Iss for a Long time and NewZ since November 2015! So basicly 3 years now!

So if you are searching some People to Play with, or just a Partner for some looting/tips/pvp. Hit me up send me an private massage!

We are using Team Speak, but I got Discord so if u are shy or u dont know how to install Ts we can talk via Discord.


Have a great day!

PS: Freddy pm me if you do not agree with me!

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hey i stooped playing but i used to play a lot back i want to get back in to playing but wanna have some people to play with i used to play with double tap clan till they died then i played solo for sometime before i stooped playing on my desktop. i got a really good mic im 19 and im a male. 

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