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ping limiter

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in time I have been complaining about this ping limiter on the server of battle royale,
 it's been weeks and nothing has been solved in this respect, put limiter in a game that works only on a server 
(the European) takes many players games that do not have guilty of living away from your internet server, 
sometimes I asked for explanation of why this limiter, I was surprised with a comic response,
 protect the players with good ping, if a ping 10/50 player dies for a ping 250 player / 270 
is because he is a lousy player, protection we need against hacker, 
against script of advantages and programs that of advantage to an improperly intensified player. 
to be prevented from playing even having a premium account is a disrespect to us players who pay to play,
 Can be expelled from the heat and try to replay, this makes us lose patience, always and no success,
 nothing, many players have the same problem and do not complain because they do not solve and others have given 
up playing on account of this, I hope developers will solve this once and for all      

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There is a huge difference between having 250 ping and having huge lagspikes of 250 to 1000 in less than 3 seconds, which is what causes your kicks. 

The ping limit set globally is 350 ping, which is just enough to keep players with bad/unstable connections out. Though your ping seems ok (as you've stated multiple times, you have 250 ping to EU servers), your lagspikes, which are quite constant judging from your logs, are not ok. And those are the moments you are able to shoot while behind a wall. 

We do have great protection against hackers and it works perfectly fine. 
And we DO need protection against players that are extremely lag as that is and has always been an issue under this engine (the advantage that LAGGING players have, not high ping players). 

And no, not "many players" have the issue as you say. There are a few who do, as we can see the kicks on the logs, but you make it say that it's a lot. 

There are A LOT of players from your region and regions that are further away from the servers than you that still do not get kicked. 

As it's been explained to you multiple times, I will post it here again: 
1. The system is being tweaked and will be live on the next patch. 
2. Your connection is unstable and that's what causes the kicks, not your 250 ping, but the moments you get and stay at 900-1000. 

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