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Check-in for Week 1

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We require every clan leader to check-in for Week 1 so we schedule the matches. Just reply to this thread and you will be confirmed. 

Precisamos que todos os líderes de clã façam um Check-In aqui. Só dê um UP e pronto. 

16/11 - [Group A] NFZ x Not Gaming
16/11 - [Group B] GODS Ac. x FL4E
16/11 - [Group C] FBI x Medellin Boyz
16/11 - [Group D] GODS x UNKZ

17/11 - [Group A] CHP x NFZ
17/11 - [Group B] ECHO x GODS Ac. 
17/11 - [Group C] NSDZ x FBI
17/11 - [Group D] ICCI x GODS

18/11 - [Group A] Not Gaming x CHP
18/11 - [Group B] FL4E x ECHO
18/11 - [Group C] Medellin Boyz x NSDZ
18/11 - [Group D] UNKZ x ICCI


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