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Airborne Transport in Survival

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Dear fellow community,

I just would like to add idea of bringing airborne transport to the players in survival mode for move from Safe Zones to an area of your choice (not an exact point, but we suppose, close to it)

System would be to go a Safe zone, talk to a NPC, give to him what he requests (can be food, weapons, ammo, and the requirements can be different every time). Once fullfilled the requirements for an air transport, you must mark in the map where you want to be deployed. Then you will be launched in parachute to the area you selected.

That's all xD

Reset timers and that stuff of course.

Aim of this is to avoid walking by hours from on side to the other of the map. Of course is not intended to use it constantly like a Metro.


Thanks & Best Regards to all!

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i know running can take up lots of time in survivor, other wise we would have bus stops like in openworld/arcade.

for easy transport in survivor you need to be in a decent clan and control flags to transport. this is a very good addition to mode.


the only problem i see is they are removing colorado v2. 

oregon only has one safe zone and colorado v1 has only 2 that people use to pvp clearview and smallville only :(


(just my 2 cents, and thanks to op for suggestions)

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