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On june 23d i made a thread where i explained why my clan and i are pausing with the game and wrote circumstances and conditions under which we will come back to game: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5153-felovšip-clan-walkout/


Again (as expected) developers did nothing and on top of that you deleted my post so people cant see it :) 

Thanks for 1213 hours of entertainment and most importantly thank you for giving me countless reasons to leave the game which i ignored.
(Nothing for my YT montages/promo videos, banning/suspending my ingame acc, banning me from discord, deleting my messages and insulting me ingame/forums and ignoring my messages and appearance on live streams)  (Proof: https://youtu.be/LQh61wuYDco?t=59m30s (You can hear elias mentioning he discussed my thread (59:30) and then both of them CLEARLY ignoring my message that appears at 1:00:37))

I will finish this thread with i 1-minute montage i made with zero effort, enjoy ^_^ https://vimeo.com/283770979


Peace out, huge love from Felovsip clan and all our 22 former and current members <3 Maybe we will comeback when....


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quitted game months ago, ill sticked to forums to see if anything good comes out for my friends so we could play again.

I'll leave forums also and the game for good also since no actions were taken for this game to be playable.



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Critize the devs?

Lol, better dont do that, you saw what happend.

A month ago (maybe shorter, maybe longer) i lootet an airdrop. ... "Please wait" ... What?!?
After one minute waiting a zombie killed me. I was really pissed and made a really pissed posting about the bugs and the unprofessionalism of the programmer. Around that time another one asked something like: When will (forget the reason) happen?
I answered him (in a nice mode): After that answer from a dev, never; and linked to a posting from Sven (i guess it was him).

You can imagine what happens:

1) My pissed posting: Deleted (Okay with it, no-one want a list with deadly bugs)
2) The question-posting with my (not pissed answer): Deleted
3) The answer from Sven in another thread: Deleted. The only answer at the whole forum, that said clearly: We have problems, but we are trying.

Oh: I forget. I got an warning point for "Abusive behaviour". ... Well i wanted to post the "Notifications" i got for the warning point. I just looked (right now), and i guess you know: Deleted!

I tell you what will happen. This thread disappear. I get another "warning point", and NOTHING will happen with the game ... except .. another wekend special.

Dont critize the Devs.

Have a nice day, i hope you will find a bugfree game .

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I can unserstad the issues and I also think they should be fixed or at least adressed, but I don´t like the wording and methods. 

I mean seriously what is this? You try to blackmail a gamecompany by not playing the game anymore? How narcassistic can you become?

I just imagine somebody posting on the Blizzard Dorum saying "Change this and that or I wont come back"

You don´t like a game? Dont play it!

You don´t like a product? Don´t buy it!


You want to help them? Come up with constructive criticism. "Ban asian players" is not really an answer. This game needs Thailand and Brazil because they are a major share in the playerbase.

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