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Michael Rooker

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The current loot on premium servers is terrible. Basic bandages are loot which can be gained by killing a zombies quicker, crappy helmets are loot and saiga after saiga are crap gun loot. My idea is have less than before but have better loot or put it back to the way it was.


One  idea is maybe give different characters their own special perk that gives them the edge. It also makes people want to pay GC for those characters.

Another idea is making skins give you a special set bonus for having the whole set of that skin , so if you have helmet, body armour etc the same skin you get a perk and also encourages people to buy skinboxes and also make it worthwhile for them to buy . (or worthwhile for those who already have them to use)

Another idea maybe introduce dual wielding but limit it to pistols, thus making them less unattractive for people to use. Obviously bumping up the damage but reducing the accuracy.

I have lots of ideas.

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