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Crafting worthless?

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Crafting seems to have have no value.  I recall hearing about crafting unique items which is pretty much obsolete now (for example the silencer and cleaner have the exact same stats now).  Before you had an incentive to craft a cleaner because of the unique stats... now its the same as a silencer which can be easily looted.  

Outside of crafting a locker, I cant recall the last time I needed to craft anything.   Now that Oregon has bus stops all over, lockers are pretty much obsolete as well with the ability to bus to safe zone and back.

Also pill cases.. they are useless.   With the abundance of meds and them dropping from zombies, is anyone really crafting meds?

If you are going to have crafting, make it so you craft unique items that are sought after and give players incentives to craft.  

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