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Is this a joke?

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Dear DEVS.

You added Oregon servers yesterday and also added bugged FAC 2.0 and made seasonal ladderboards.Everything would be great..except its not and here is why.

1.ALL servers are dead because for ultra low survival player base u added 3 more servers and now community is spreaded and THERE IS NO PVP on sa/eu/us.

2.FAC is kicing ppl for no reason.

3.Something has been done with the servers.Before me,my team and everyone was able to play on hk servers with no problems (from eu,sa,us) and now EVERYONE is getting kicked form these/banned/lagged or killed with single bullet.

SO coming to a conclusion.HOW DO YOU EXCEPT PLAYERS TO GET RANK 1-3 WHEN ITS ONLY POSSIBLE FOR THAILAND PPL?It triggers me so much since normaly i would grind 24/7 but now i just dont have where.You need to remove 1/2 of the servers asap or players will get triggered and will leave.AAnd the funniest thing is that you knew this would happen.And yet you still made these changes.You said "we know survival player base is too small so we will be decreasing servers" and then yo uadded 3 more!Great! - thats how i see it and no ofense.Im just rly triggered.Because its not fair when only  thai ppl have chance to win something.


1.Fix servers.

2.Remove servers.


Just compare ladderboards form last weeks and you will see the difference.

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Damage is done. I have reports of 32 snipers found yesterday only among SA clans. Im playing right now and theres only teams of 3 people with a sniper camping the bus stop. 

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Hey Surzeus,


We have already been in contact through PM's on Discord but just to keep everything organized for the rest of the community i'll reply to this thread.

Regarding FAC we have now set up the option to either use the new FAC or the old one. This way people who have issues can just use the old FAC while in the meanwhile we improve FAC 2.0 ;)

Servers list aka the amount of available servers for Survival has been adressed and we agree. Servers will change through out the upcoming. Please read more information about that here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5366-server-changes-survival/



Best Regards,



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