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Patch 2.18 (Hotfix)

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Dear Players,


As promised here is the hotfix that we planned to roll out. This hotfix will contain FPS improvements, fixes for crashes and server stability and some other overall fixes. Please note that this is not a patch so therefor not a lot of changes.

Let's jump into further details:


FPS Issues Fix:

This patch contains numerous improvements related to players having low FPS. This issue started happening a few patches ago and is definitively the most important we have to fix. With this hotfix the main issue should be fixed. Either way:

If you stil experience FPS / performance issues after this hotfix please let us know by creating a forum thread about the issue or by creating a ticket.

Towards patch 2.19 and in the near future we have a lot more improvements coming that will give players more FPS and better performance overall. Most importantly is that those who experience issues let us know through feedback so that we can work on this!


Respawn System:

Based on a lot of feedback we have improved the respawn / revive system.

FOR OPEN WORLD SERVERS (Colorado V2, V1, Caliwood):

  • The revive timer has been increased from 10 to 45 seconds.
    This was something requested by a lot of players and the 45 seconds is a number that we think "fixes" the issues but also a number that is averagely around the same number our community was suggesting.


  • Added a little sound to when a player spawns.
    The revive "issue" was happening in PVP server as well but what most players said was that there was no way they could know when another player spawned in behind them. Rather than increasing the timer we have decided to try something else that we think would improve the situation. If this added sound is well received by the community we consider adding it to the Open World maps too.

Please know once again that on this point we are also open to do even more improvements. If you have any feedback related to the respawn system please let us know what you think and why so that we can use that to improve the system even better.


Right / Left Peek Issue:

Yeah we know. We have said this a million times now. We'd just like to address the issue once again because it is definitively still an issue. At this moment the most abused is the right peek with snipers (or certain sniper rifles) where players can literally shoot from behind a shield / wall and kill another player without that other player even seeing them peek at all. This was a big and major issue and we are very happy we have fixed this so players can no longer abuse this.

Another issue was / is that during all the right peek / left peek fix attempts we might have crossed a line where some animations don't look that good anymore. There was even one animation that when shooting and aiming with an assault rifle the weapon would aim left down and totally not towards where you are actually aiming / shooting to. What we just like to say here is that we are tweaking the animations here in such a way that they still look good while at the same time players can't abuse anything. We would just like to say that also very noticeable improvements have been made here.

For further reports / issues please create a forum thread / ticket explaining us what the issue is and perhaps even show us how players abuse a certain peek so that we can look into it and fix it.


Server Changes:

The servers list has recently already been adressed and we are currently gathering more feedback. The main reason we are addressing the servers list is because a lot of players are playing in server regions where they're not supposed to play. What we mean with this is for example a player from Hong Kong is playing in Europe servers and not in Hong Kong servers. This behavior affects everyone but mostly the European players playing in European servers with a good connection. We addressed in the live Q&A yesterday a very important point of view:


Players with a bad connection should never have the advantage over a player with a good connection.


  1. We found out that our anti-lag system was not working as intended. This is now fixed for this hotfix and should from now always give lagging players a disadvantantage while playing.
  2. Adapt / change the server list in such a way that it fits better to the player demands for each region. We believe this will make servers more popped, giving you a better experience.

We will keep changing the servers list based on your feedback so it is extremely important as much of you guys give us feedback about the changes we do in the servers list. For more information and feedback please go to: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5178-server-changes/


Other Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue related to called airdrops where they would not always come when called.



Other Information:


A lot of the issues have been addressed in the live Q&A we did earlier this week. For those who missed it and like to get more information about what we're working on and what our plans are we highly recommend you to watch the Q&A back here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQh61wuYDco


During the live Q&A we have also talked about plans for the future. Based on that Elias, our COO, has started a discussion about some ideas we have for the game. Summarized up we are talking about missions and dynamic events. You can read more information about this here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5189-missions-and-events-discussion/


Silent is currently working on big optimizations for the servers and Open World maps. Wondering what he's doing? Read more information here: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5183-devblog-optimizations-of-all-official-ow-maps/




If you experience any further issues related to this patch or related to the servers please make a support ticket at: https://playnewz.com/support.php



We are currently working on a major patch with a lot of fixes and content for patch 2.19 so stay tuned for this! Right now we aim to get the most annoying and main issues out of the way.



Estimated patch size: 80 mb.

Patch ETA: Patch is about to be rolled any time.

Estimated downtime: Server downtime will be minimal. Client & Server update are required.

Extra information: If you experience an error like "Cannot replace TheNewZ.exe ...." please go to your game installation folder and delete TheNewZ.exe manually and start your launcher again. If the issue is still not fixed go to your antivirus settings and make sure TheNewZ.exe is not blocked anywhere and whitelist it if possible.



To stay updated regarding the patch and server downtime please follow us on our social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz


Best Regards,


// Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team

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Just now, heell said:

Why SA region don't have Oficial PVE server like the others?! thnx

The other regions don't have PVE, i think you mean private servers?

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2 minutes ago, zitoslaw said:

I have same FPS Colorado V2 airport. It changed nothing for me. bye bye

That's unfortunate. I've heared different from many others. How much fps do you get, and what's your hardware?

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19 minutes ago, Fredaikis said:

That's unfortunate. I've heared different from many others. How much fps do you get, and what's your hardware

If that's a case that ppl have more FPS I will try to check few drives.

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Just now, zitoslaw said:

If that's a case that ppl have more FPS I will try to check few drives.

Alright, if it doesn't help, send a support ticket, and we will be able to assist you personally :)

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4 minutes ago, THEREALJASON said:

Are there any activities today?

Weekend event is starting in 17 minutes. :D

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Thank you guys very much for your constant work on improving the game!


I got another idea regarding the possibility you recently confirmed in Q&A: placing areas with different weapon setting. You're working on new event/contract system. What if one of the contracts is killing a superzomby with a melee only? This would involve a team of two or more players, and would make more fun. And good loot for the whole team too.


A melee-only area seems quite lore-friendly, as there might be certain anomaly areas where firearms won't work.


PS: sorry for posting it here, just have no time at work, to look through the forum on my phone. Cheers!

Edited by KinkyWarren

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