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[Team GB] British Clan looking for players

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Team GB is now open for recruitment!


Rules before applying:

#1) Must be British with the odd exception.

#2) Members must be over the age of 17.

#3) Team GB must be your only clan.

#4) Have a good microphone and access to discord.



(Please PM your application to me.)

#1) Are you 17 years old or over?

#2) What is your in-game reputation?

#3) Where do you usually PvP?

#4) Are you British?

#5) How long have you been playing NewZ?

#6) Please post screenshots of your main character and GI. 

(we do not want loot hoarders!)

#7) Why would you like to join?

#8) Why should we accept your application?

#9) What is your in-game name?


About us:

We are a new British clan with some old friends, we are looking to expand our roster so we can have a solid team on at all times within the GMT time zone. We are looking into getting our own private server with the support of the clan. We are a total of about 10 active members. If you would like to join us please let me know!












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