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Google authenticator deleted, unable to login into website

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First of all I would like to start by saying sorry to the community. I did hack accounts along side with other people. I do owe a huge apology to everyone I really don't know what I was thinking. I would literally do anything to change the past  of what I did but what I did is done now. I understand you guys probably still won't want me unbanned and is understandable, but can we please  have a mutual conversation or something cause I really want to redeem myself and progress with playing NewZ.  I understand you will probably reject me again. But it's worth a try of joining into this amazing community again... I would litterally do anything to be unbanned and given a 2nd chance at this point. 

I would have said this is a support ticket but I currently don't have google authentication on my phone so I'm unable to access my account.



Hello, I wanted to contact support. To do so I must be logged into the website and be able to provide the google authentication code. Unfortunately I deleted the NewZ code provider on my phone is there a way of getting it back?


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