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Zombies 101 : Small tips related to zombies

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Hi again , survivalist

Here in this post will contain the basic and few tips related to the zombies. I will keep updating and If anyone has any cool tips and tricks about the zombies, please let me know so it shall be more updates.



1. Escaping Runnies !!


Do you remember this of zombie's behavior ? The one that warming his knees before jumping to you as fast as Usian Bolt !! That's right ! I call them "runnies"
There are few ways to escape the attack

- Strike first , No.1 rule of Cobra Kai, when it starts running, aiming at the head will not work. Hit in the the middle in its heart like this


- Do the famous circle Run , When you see it running at you , and got some distances, you can jump run in circle like the picture bellow. First you run back a bit and jumping in circle. This zombie can't handle back flipping. huhuu



2. We can jump on zombies' head

let picture explain itself.....



buy doing this you could climb their heads to some cool area for example.

XFkOmGE.png                the wood fence in above pictures, so you can jump over to another side



bC1pmNk.png      Up on the bus


A33w7Yg.png      even the famous Police station's rooftop




------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be more , If you could share ----------------------------------------------------------

Comments bellow


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