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As of lately, I've been traveling more and more as I finish college and move back to a different place. Unfortunately, this game's not really designed for play with a Laptop and mouse, regardless of what setup is used next to a wireless keyboard/mouse, and even then space can be finnicky. Gamepads are usuallly light and easier to run with while traveling, and could be somewhat easily adapted for mobile play. Some people I know also personally only have a laptop to play on, unlike those fortunate enough to own a desktop. Infestation's code already includes a base for gamepad support. The most difficult thing would be adding a options menu for button remapping/controller sensitivity options/etc, but i'd know how to implement the inventory as well as other tabs in general. Button presets would also be good (IE how halo has bumper-jumper, classic, knuckles, etc.) Inventory management could be done with a button for opening the escape menu and a circle to mimic a typical cursor, with one button being held down and moving a stick to move items, then a directional pad and another two-buttons used for open item sub-menus (equip, unload, etc.)


Here's a layout for a good general idea of what might work well with a typical gamepad. (The first set represents a Playstation Gamepad, while the second represents an Xbox gamepad.)

Menus and Navigation:

Start: Open Inventory

Select: Open Map

R1/L1; /RB/LB - Cycle Tabs on Menu

Left Stick - move 'cursor' (A circle used to represent selections)

X; A - Select Item (Hold down to move items in the inventory when hovering over them.)

Circle ; B - Open Item Sub-menu (equip, unload, etc.)

Direction pad up/Directional Pad Down - Select sub-menu option

X; A - Confirm sub-menu selection

Square; X Button - Cancel selection

In-Game Controls and Management:

L1; Left Bumper - Switch Character Perspective

R1; Right Bumper - Switch Shoulder

L2; Left Trigger - Aim in/ADS if first person

R2; Right Trigger - Fire weapon

Triangle; Y Button - Switch weapons

Circle; B Button - Crouch (hold to initiate Prone)

X; A Button - Jump

Square; X Button - Interact

Directional Pad Up- Switch Firemode (Hold to reload)

Directional Pad Down - View attachments (attachments would use the "cursor/select" system from the inventory)

Directional Pad Left - Hotbars 3/4 (Double tap quickly to quick-use 3, hold to quick-use 4)

Directional Pad Right - Hotbars 5/6 (Double-tap to quick-use 5, hold to quick-use 6.)

Left Stick - Move (Click in to Sprint)

Right Stick - Aim (Click in to use auto-run? Could be re-functioned, not sure yet)

I know this may or may not represent a decent chunk of the playerbase, but this could also open-up avenues for a console port as well as things along the lines of easier acessability for players who may have issues with a full keyboard/mouse setup, travel a lot to use a laptop, or may otherwise benefit from using a gamepad.

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