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This Is UpLikeLazLo BTW I also agree with this ive been playing this game for 2 years and what i've seen IE. Clan Skins. That people that have made these big community's that always play don't get any reward's unlike other clans that get clan skins and don't never the less don't even support the game.Clan's like ufo,and,latr,boxbox,Flex Gang Should be getting the chance to get clan skins because with alot of these other clans they dont even play little to non like Erkul's clan for example.Also why is it that the only clans that can get clans skins so fast are the once tied with dev's Example=Team silent Erckul. and other's people would like to build the community's of this game with sub division such as clan's but it's very hard to do when. The higher up's require you to pay sums of money for a free game. That also crashes almost all the time laggy server's Shot's through shield making players with these huge communitys Crumble within not because of there game play because the game itself.

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