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How to get FREE bits to donate to your favorite streamers

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Hey everyone, people have been asking me how to get FREE bits to support your favorite streamers, so I thought I'd make a little guide here for you all. As of right now, I believe this only works for NA users, but it could be different now, so go ahead and try!



1. Open a stream that is either Affiliate or Partnered with Twitch.




2. Click the BITS icon next to the EMOTICON icon and then press "GET BITS"




3. Press "WATCH AD" to watch a short advertisement for FREE BITS!



4. Watch the short advertisement and click somewhere within the advertisement. You need to interact with the advertisement to earn the bits. As soon as the advertisement finishes, press "I'M DONE" at the top right.




5. And there you go! You have the bits! Cheer away!



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